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Pump up those numbers


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So you guys have all seen the meme that says "You have to pump up those numbers, those are rookie numbers" but of course, that meme wasn't intended to refer to TPE in the VHL. Nonetheless, it's now going to refer to TPE in the VHL, or rather the VHLM in this case. This post right here is being added to a massive TPE update for my player, Evan R. Lawson former CFO of Hank Med, now Left Wing of both the Las Vegas Aces and the Calgary Wranglers. Playing for Vegas is a little awkward at the moment, since I'm the GM of their competitor, the Ottawa Lynx, which is one of the many reasons I'm excited to break into the VHL the following season and become a Wrangler, rejoining my rightful home. To close this out with a reference to another meme, while there must always be a Stark in Winterfell, there must also always be a diamond_ace in Calgary.

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