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Stronk Show Episode 6


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Sup Bitches, it's been a while. I got a hell of a fucking story to tell everyone and hopefully @JardyB10 still remembers me and can hook me the fuck up with this podcast. Let me take you to where the story all started.


So I was fucking so many bitches in Sweden, I was hitting so many tens it was like rolling 2 die. I got into a lot of shit. I remember jumping the Sweden Mafia on cocaine one night, played a game the next day. Shit was wild. Stuff they make movies about. It was like I was a rock star. 


Butone day, Stronkowski was unleashed. Let me explain to y'all, as soon as Josh Stronk steps on the ice, Stronkowski is released. Think the Hulk. When Stronkowski is unleashed, I lose control of my body and just wake up in the locker room after the game. I see it at all, I just can't do anything. I watched my body lead by no brain play hockey. The drugs, bitches and hockey became too much.


Only recently did I wake up from this trip. I find myself a free agent with no home, well actually, Stronkowski bought a trap house on Calgary. A normal VHL player after losing 4 years of his life would retire. But mama Stronk ain't raise no bitch. I am gonna resign with a team and kick some fucking ass. 


So this show is a rebirth, but it's also a message out there for everyone to read. Stronkowski. Is .Back. Give me a minute and see my stats over the past 3 years. So S57 70 points in 72 games played not bad, -5 +/- that's ok. Next season 120 points in 72 games, that is noice. 3rd in the league in hits and +5 +/- I like that. And I was cut or didn't play S59. Well, that is about to change. That will end this show. I will have to remember what my send off is.

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4 minutes ago, Gooningitup said:

Well ur VHLM eligibilty wore out this season. Atleast my ability to own ur rights as its 3 years after yr draft. 

He's still eligible, just after the rights end he goes into FA

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