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S58 Hall of Fame Induction


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Hello everyone, in case you were caught unawares by which topic, and even forum, that you were entering, this is the S58 VHL Induction Ceremony. Every season (albeit, some a little later than others), the VHL honours its past players and members by selecting the elite few who will enter the vaunted Hall of Fame. This season saw the addition of two players to the voting ballot, as well as a second round of voting to break a tie between two deserving candidates. As a group, there was no consensus on whether a member was ready to be inducted to the Builder, and as such, while we believe there are prospective candidates for the future, there will be no entry to the Builder category of the VHL Hall of Fame for S58. Without further adieu, I am proud to present the two newest members of the VHL Hall of Fame, for S58:


    RW - Diana Maxwell, S50-S57  :sto::nya::dav::que:

    RS: 576 GP, 368 G, 387 A, 755 P, +328, 436 PIM, 1346 HIT, 328 SB, 59 GW

    PO: 87 GP, 48 G, 44 A, 92 P, +20, 100 PIM, 290 HIT, 37 SB, 12 GW


    S54 Mike Szatkowski Trophy (Top Scorer)

    S55 Mike Szatkowski Trophy (Top Scorer)

    S54 Kevin Brooks Trophy (Goals Leader)

    S55 Kevin Brooks Trophy (Goals Leader)

    S53 Daisuke Kanou Trophy (Playoff MVP)

    Two Continental Cups (S52, S53)


LW/C - Tom Lincoln, S47-S54 :que::col::nya:

RS: 576 GP, 385 G, 439 A, 824 P, +411, 109 PIM, 253 HIT, 239 SB, 63 GW

PO: 71 G, 43 G, 55 A, 98 P, +42, 2 PIM, 13 HIT, 34 SB, 10 GW


S51 Mikka Virkkunen Trophy Co-Winner (Most Sportsmanlike)

S52 Mikka Virkkunen Trophy (Most Sportsmanlike)

S53 Mikka Virkkunen Trophy (Most Sportsmanlike)

Two Continental Cups (S52, S53)

This will be the second @street managed player to make it into the Hall of Fame, as goaltender Benjamin Glover was inducted in the S32 Class. Diana had the type of career all players strive for, with an incredible 2-season peak that saw her lead the league in goals and points through S54 and S55. Her 3-year peak, scoring 179 Goals and 375 Points from S53-S55 are an incredible feat, and a testament to the player she became after an inauspicious first two seasons in the league that saw her score just 50 Goals and 85 Points combined. Her 2-Szatowksi Trophies, 2-Brooks Trophies, 2-Continental Cups and Daisuke Kanou Trophy as Playoff MVP only prove that Maxwell is an extremely deserving candidate, and a shoo-in as a First Ballot Hall of Famer!


Another member to have their second player enter the Hall, @Kesler sees Tom Lincoln join Bruno Wolf (S46 Class) in the annals of history! After a vote that went down to a tie-break with newcomer to the ballot Theo Axelsson, Lincoln enters the Hall in his fourth season of eligibility. A career that saw Lincoln 3-peat the award show with Virkkunen Trophies from S51 through S53, Tom was the picture of consistency. Averaging over 100 points per season, and never dipping below the century mark after hitting it in his third season, there was never any question about if he would be enshrined in the Hall, just a matter of when. The time is now for the 2-time Continental Cup Winner, as his individual stats are too much to overlook his lack of major hardware, especially in the Playoffs where he proved to be a player his coaches could trust when the games got tighter and more important!


Congratulations to both players, teammates through Quebec's back-to-back Continental Cups, and their agents, as they now enter the Hall of Fame together as the league's Season 57 Class!

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