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(S54 Class) Zach Parechkin - Player

Da Trifecta

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LW - Zach Parechkin
Birthplace: Burnaby, BC, Canada
Height: 6'31/2"
Weight: 215 lbs
Jersey Number: 23
Drafted: S46 Round 1, Pick 1 (Toronto)
Username: DollarAndADream


Zach Parechkin was DollarAndADream's second player. After he created Travis Boychuk, (one of the best first gens the league has seen), he came back with Zach Parechkin. With the mindset that he wanted to one up his previous player, DollarAndADream didn't really set any goals with his new player upon creation. Zach was part of an juggernaut dynasty that would help lead the Toronto Legion to the VHL's very first three-peat in history. Forming a formidable pairing with Max Mølholt, (another hall of famer), these two would set out on an unprecedented journey to make history together. Zach would go on to enjoy a very amazing career which saw him bring home a lot of hardware. During his time with the Legion, he would collect three Grim Jonsson's, (of which two are shared), a couple of Boulet's, a Daisuke Kanou, a Christian Stolzschweiger, a Kevin Brooks and a Brett Slobodzian trophy.


Career Awards:


S45 Mitch Higgins Trophy - VHLM MVP
S45 Ethan Osborne Trophy - VHLM Leading Points
S45 Alexander Chershenko Trophy - VHLM Leading Goals
S45 Matt Bentz Trophy - VHLM Top Two-Way Forward

S48 Devon Marlow-Marta Trophy - NA Conference Champions (TOR)
S49 Devon Marlow-Marta Trophy - NA Conference Champions (TOR)
S50 Devon Marlow-Marta Trophy - NA Conference Champions (TOR)
S51 Devon Marlow-Marta Trophy - NA Conference Champions (TOR)
S48 Victory Cup - Regular Season Champions (TOR)
S50 Victory Cup - Regular Season Champions (TOR)
S48 Continental Cup - VHL Champions (TOR)
S49 Continental Cup - VHL Champions (TOR)
S50 Continental Cup - VHL Champions (TOR)

S46 Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy - Top Rookie
S48 Grimm Jonsson Trophy - Top Leader (Co-Winner)
S49 Grimm Jonsson Trophy - Top Leader
S51 Grimm Jonsson Trophy - Top Leader (Co-Winner)
S49 Daisuke Kanou Trophy - Playoff MVP
S49 Scott Boulet Trophy - Top Two-Way Forward
S51 Scott Boulet Trophy - Top Two-Way Forward
S51 Kevin Brooks Trophy - Leading Goals
S51 Brett Slobodzian Trophy - Most Oustanding Player

S48 Bronze Medal - World Cup (CAN)


Season 46 Statistics (VHL):


Regular Season

S46(TOR) 72GP | 36G - 45A - 81P | +13 | 378SHT | 3GWG | 106PIM | 303HIT | 65SB


S46(TOR) 4GP | 1G - 0A - 1P | -8 | 17SHT | 0GWG | 12PIM | 15HIT | 7SB


Zach Parechkin's rookie season was something of an immediate coming out party. While most rookies enjoy a really high point season to start their career, Zach added onto that with his physical game. Playing alongside Max Mølholt, (Toronto's GM player), he would help usher in an era where the Toronto Legion would be the VHL's best team for quite some time. While the regular season may have been kind to him, the post season wasn't as nice.  The Legion managed to get swept in the playoffs while Zach was only able to muster up one point during the series. Little did we know that this would just fuel the up and coming star for the best playoffs window in history.


Season 47 Statistics (VHL):


Regular Season

S47(TOR) 72GP | 38G - 41A - 79P | +1 | 417SHT | 5GWG | 107PIM | 316HIT | 32SB


During Zach's second season, it seems like his game kind of just leveled out. The only thing that really stood out was he had nearly half as many shots blocked as he did the previous season. The Toronto Legion didn't manage to make the playoffs during his second season which could hurt the morale of a young player. For Zach, he had his sights set on his third season. He knew that GM Molholt had big things in store for this team as it would be the start of the Legion's terror upon the VHL.


Season 48 Statistics (VHL):


Regular Season

S48(TOR) 72GP | 47G - 45A - 92P | +32 | 434SHT | 14GWG | 108PIM | 248HIT | 20SB


S48(TOR) 11GP | 5G - 6A - 11P | +6 | 88SHT | 0GWG | 22PIM | 35HIT | 3SB


Season 48 would be Zach's offensive game would take over more than the physical side. With a 23 point increase, his offensive production would help surge the Legion to his second trip to the playoffs. He almost tripled his game winning goals and his +/- would see a huge spike from +1 to +32. It seemed as if he was hitting his stride at the right time as the Toronto Legion would call upon him to help lead them to many of victories. Zach would start his playoffs in the second round, after a bye, against the Seattle Bears. He would help lead the charge that would see the Legion win in six games. The Legion would go on to face the Helsinki Titans in the championship game. Zach and the Legion would go on to take out the Titans in a five game series.


Season 49 Statistics (VHL):


Regular Season

S49(TOR) 72GP | 56G - 59A - 115P | +53 | 560SHT | 10GWG | 144PIM | 393HIT | 38SB


S49(TOR) 16GP | 13G - 9A - 22P | +5 | 83SHT | 4GWG | 36PIM | 65HIT | 10SB


This would be the breakout season for Zach Parechkin. He posted career bests in points (115), +/- (+53), PIM (144), Hits (393). It seemed like he was ready to lead this young Toronto Legion to yet another cup. His regular season had been his best to date and it seemed like he would go on to ride his regular season success into the playoffs. He would go on to face the New York Americans in the first round. After a strong six game series, the Legion would move on and face the Quebec City Meute. This series would only manage five games before they would head on to the championship to face the Cologne Express. Surprisingly enough the Legion would dismantle the Express on their way to a repeat. Zach Parechkin would earn playoff MVP honors during this playoff run.


Season 50 Statistics (VHL):


Regular Season

S50(TOR) 72GP | 35G - 43A - 78P | +35 | 407SHT | 12GWG | 112PIM | 363HIT | 41SB


S50(TOR) 13GP | 6G - 5A - 11P | -4 | 89SHT | 2GWG | 18PIM | 66HIT | 5SB


In terms of points, the VHL's 50th season wasn't exactly nice to Zach. His points would take 37 point dip while his +/- would also drop 18 points as well. Despite what seemed like a long and lackluster season for Zach, the playoffs would be back to bring excitement to him. The playoffs would commence and the Legion would get a first round bye. After the first round ended, Zach and the Legion would be set up to play the Quebec City Meute yet again. This time they would go to six games and then they would take the victory to head on to a potential three peat against the HC Davos Dynamo. This would be a battle for the ages as this series went the distance. Zach would have taken home his second playoff MVP in back to back years but teammate Black Velvet had other plans.


Season 51 Statistics (VHL):


Regular Season

S51(TOR) 72GP | 65G - 66A - 131P | +83 | 529SHT | 17GWG | 92PIM | 434HIT | 39SB


S51(TOR) 18GP | 7G - 14A - 21P | +5 | 120SHT | 4GWG | 36PIM | 100HIT | 9SB


I know I said it before, but this had to be Zach's coming out party here. Career highs in points (131) (a 53 point surge), +/- (+83), game winning goals (17) and hits (434). In his first season of regression, it seemed like that it had no effect upon his game. His regular season success would try to help fuel a potential four peat. The playoffs would come around and the Legion would go on to face the Seattle Bears. That game would go to six and the Legion would head into the second round with a head full of steam. This would fuel them to take out the Wranglers in a mere 5 games to head to their fourth straight championship game. This finals would be something tough for Zach and the Legion as they would go the distance with the Riga Reign. The outcome would be that the Riga Reign would take this series and the four peat dreams had come to a halt.


Season 52 Statistics (VHL):


Regular Season

S52(TOR) 72GP | 50G - 48A - 98P | +41 | 512SHT | 11GWG | 124PIM | 362HIT | 33SB


The 52nd season would come around and Zach's production would take a dip again in various spots. This would also mark his second to last season in the VHL as he would be in his second season of regression. Although he had a down season, it would be the end of a long and illustrious career with the Toronto Legion. Zach wouldn't partake in another playoff series this season and he would then be shipped off for the start of the Legion's rebuild. Zach was traded to the Seattle Bears who would then be his last chance at another cup.


Season 53 Statistics (VHL):


Regular Season

S53(SEA) 72GP | 51G - 62A - 113P | +76 | 529SHT | 10GWG | 119PIM | 350HIT | 35SB


S53(SEA) 7GP | 7G - 3A - 10P | +2 | 45SHT | 1GWG | 12PIM | 35HIT | 1SB


Zach's final season would be with the Seattle Bears. During the regular season, his offensive prowess would spike back up as his point total would jump 15 point, his +/- goes up 35 points, he has 17 more shots and 2 more shots blocked. The Bears had a first round bye and would get some rest before facing the New York Americans in a long seven game series. Things unfortunately didn't work out for Zach and the Bears as his final season would end on a 3-2 loss at the hand of Phil Shankly who scored a goal in overtime to seal the Legion's fate. Zach would then call it a career and wait until his name would be called upon one last time to enter the hall of fame.


Career Totals:


Regular Season

576GP | 378G - 409A - 787P | +334 | 3,766SHT | 82GWG | 912PIM | 2,769HIT | 303SB


69GP | 39G - 37A - 76P | +6 | 442SHT | 11GWG | 136PIM |316HIT | 35SB


Zach Parechkin enjoyed a long and illustrious career all with the Toronto Legion and Seattle Bears. When looking back upon both Travis Boychuk and Zach Parechkin's careers, it seems like DollarAndADream definitely showed that he was enjoying the league. Zach will forever be known for his physical style of play while being able to be one of the better scorers in the history of the VHL. Playing a very pivotal role in the VHL's only three peat, this young man enjoyed the fruits of his labor. It was an honor and a blessing to have been able to see his career unfold into something amazing over the season. Zach Parechkin was definitely deserving of his hall of fame nod and he would forever be enshrined with some of the best to have ever stepped on the ice.

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I was definitely spoiled with Zach Parechkin. I kind of just modeled him after Scotty Campbell and Max Molholt a little bit, because Molholt makes monster builds and Scotty is one of, if not the best ever.


Parechkin was a great player, and Toronto was a fucking dynasty. It feels great to have been able to have a great player and career with only my 2nd player....but at the same time I don't think any of my next players will live up to that. :P I probably peaked there. :lol:

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