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Mics on the face [1/2]


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There has been a lot of rumours about me being under investigation for using some kind of performance enhancing drug, but I´m here today to let everybody know that I´m 100% clean, I´m not cheating. I know it´s incredible to see man of my looks and talent level even playing in VHL, but everything you see in front of you has come with hard work and dedication.


I don´t want to start speculating why or where the rumours started, but the reason why I left the game against Quebec earlier this week was not because I had been caught in a surprise test or anything like that. I left the game in third period because I got hit in the groin area with a stick -  teams doctor, coach and I personally did not want to take any risks in a game that we had under our control, hell the game was 7-1 when I went into the dressing room, so that is all. No serious injury luckily and I was back in practice on the next day normally.


Next I´m giving the floor to you journalists, so you can ask about the case, but choose your questions carefully - this will be the last time I will comment about this - go ahead!


Hey Fabio, Randy from VHLrumours.com - my question to you is: have you been tested for any performance enchancing drugs lately?

FJ: Yes I have, everybody in Toronto gets tested at least once every two weeks and on top of that there is surprise tests here and there, so we get tested a lot during the season. I have personally been tested around seven times between training camp and today.


Larry from VHLSPN.net with a question: Who started these rumours?
FJ: No idea to be honest, could be anyone really. With the social media and internet, it´s so easy to start talking about these things and even give tips to the league for players who could be using something. If there is enough chatting going on and league hears about it, you could be ´randomly´ selected for surprise test. But to answer your question, no idea.


I do blame the media for putting the rumours into bigger window without any evidence.


Mervin from NSBsports: Have you ever used doping?
FJ: I have not, I have always believed in winning fairly. If you lose or have not played on the level you should, then you need to keep working harder to reach that level. There is no easy roads or ways to the top or staying at the top. Once you make it into VHL, need to work almost twice as hard to stay in the league, always someone ready to take your spot.


Wladislaw from RussiaToday: What advice would you like to give to the players who are thinking abot using illegal drugs?
FJ: Don´t do it. That is my only advice, don´t do it. It´s not worth it. If you need to go into the farm or europe, you do that and make your way back to VHL by working on yourself. Taking performance enhancing drugs is a guaranteed way to kill your career, you could even find yourself answering to lame questions when you could be at home. That is all the time I have today, thank you for coming in! Hopefully we can now leave this silly case into the past, thank you.


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