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(S51 Class) Edwin Reencarnacion - Player [1/2]


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C - Edwin Reencarnacion
Birthplace: Dominican Republic
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 235 lbs
Jersey Number: 10
Drafted: S44 Round 1, Pick 1 (New York)
Username: Yeah!


Ever since making his VHL debut, the league knew that Edwin Reencarnacion was a special player. After being drafted by the New York Americans and spending the majority of his career with the team, bringing them home a Continental cup has solidified Edwin in Americans lore. Eleven different trophies won, a bronze medal and a Continental cup in one career are the things of legend but this Dominican Republic born hockey player pulled it off. Finishing his best season with one hundred twenty points and his career with well over a point a game makes Reencarnacion a hero in New York but it's his massive hitting and shot blocking numbers that really show what a complete player he truly was. 

Career Awards:

S43 Matt Bentz Trophy - VHLM Top Two-Way Forward

S47 Continental Cup - VHL Champions (NYA)
S47 Victory Cup - Best Regular Season Record (NYA)
S47 Devon Marlow-Marta Trophy - NA Conference Champion (NYA)

S44 Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy - Top Rookie
S47 Daisuke Kanou Trophy - Playoff MVP
S47 Kevin Brooks Trophy - Leading Goals
S48 Kevin Brooks Trophy - Leading Goals
S48 Brett Slobodzian Trophy - Most Outstanding Player
S48 Mike Szatkowski Trophy - Leading Points
S48 Scott Boulet Trophy - Top Two-Way Forward
S48 Scotty Campbell Trophy - VHL MVP

S43 Bronze Medal - World Cup (WOR)

Season 42 Statistics (VHLM):

Regular Season
S42(OSL) 26GP | 1G - 12A - 13P | +4 | 41SHT | 1GWG |  51PIM | 81HIT | 4SB
S42(OSL) 10GP | 1G - 6A - 7P | +0 | 15SHT | 0GWG | 4PIM | 44HIT | 3SB

Creating at the deadline, Reencarnacion decided to sign with the Oslo Storm. While Oslo didn't make the finals in season forty-two Edwin did play a decent playoff with seven points and a staggering forty-four hits in ten games.playoffs, Koenig had almost a point a game with very little experience in the minors.


Season 43 Statistics (VHLM):

Regular Season
S43(BRA) 72GP | 44 - 44A - 88P | +35 | 376SHT | 6GWG |  143PIM | 350HIT | 3SB
S43(BRA) 10GP | 5G -  6A -  11P |  +3 | 32HT | 0GWG |  18PIM | 37HIT | 1SB

In Edwin's first full VHLM season he was one of the best players on Bratislava and while the team narrowly missed the VHLM championship, Edwin was well over a point per game while still putting up massive hits with three hundred fifty in the regular season. Edwin also won the Matt Bentz Trophy as the VHLM Top Two-Way Forward. Edwin also won a bronze medal in the World Cup playing for team world after this season ended.


Season 44 Statistics (VHL):

Regular Season
S44(NYA) 72GP | 39G - 40A - 79P | +34 | 415SHT | 6GWG | 105PIM | 171HIT | 30SB | 32.6FO%
S44(NYA) 5GP | 3G - 2A - 5P | -1 | 23SHT | 0GWG | 2PIM | 12HIT | 0SB | 25.0FO%

After being drafted first overall by the New York Americans, Reencarnacion went on to put up seventy-nine points in his rookie season which was good enough to win him the Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy as top rookie. Although the Americans were defeated in the first round of the playoffs, Reencarnacion put up over a point a game and the Americans who had picked first overall the season prior were now a playoff team.


Season 45 Statistics (VHL):

Regular Season
S45(NYA) 72GP | 41G - 40A - 81P | +38 | 463SHT | 12GWG | 98PIM | 235HIT | 30SB | 32.3FO%
S45(NYA) 5GP | 0G - 0A - 0P | -2 | 18SHT | 0GWG | 4PIM | 9HIT | 0SB | 14.3FO% 

This season saw Edwin doing more of the same with slightly higher totals in points and most other categories. While the playoffs were another first-round exit for his team, his performance was really not what he had hoped for finishing with zero points in their five games.


Season 46 Statistics (VHL):

Regular Season
S46(NYA) 72GP | 51G - 51A - 102P | +49 | 517SHT | 6GWG | 100PIM | 262HIT | 17SB | 42.8FO%
S46(NYA) 5GP | 0G - 6A - 6P | -3 | 31SHT | 0GWG | 4PIM | 24HIT | 2SB | 55.6FO%

In season forty-six we saw a real jump in Reencarnacion's production when he broke the 100 point barrier. Also in this season, we saw a significant jump in the face-off percentage of the young star. While the Americans as a team took their third first-round exit in a row, Edwin was over a point a game in the series and his face-off numbers were great.


Season 47 Statistics (VHL):

Regular Season
S47(NYA) 72GP | 48G - 54A - 102P | +37 | 477SHT | 11GWG | 48PIM | 200HIT | 37SB | 54.7FO%
S47(NYA) 12GP | 8G - 8A - 16P | +3 | 66SHT | 1GWG | 12PIM | 22HIT | 5SB | 55.6FO%

Reencarnacion's numbers in season forty-seven were identical to the season previous pretty well but his face-off numbers soared even higher as he became a complete center. Shooting percentage and shots blocked came up significantly and the Americans made it out of the first round. Edwin played great in the playoffs with well over a point per game and he was one of the leaders on the team in this season. Edwin won the Daisuke Kanou Trophy as playoff MVP and the Americans hoisted the Continental Cup, also added to his trophy case this season was the Kevin Brooks Trophy for leading the league in goals.


Season 48 Statistics (VHL):

Regular Season
S48(NYA) 72GP | 58G - 62A - 120P | +61 | 562SHT | 17GWG | 146PIM | 338HIT | 30SB | 65.7FO%
S48(NYA) 7GP | 3G - 2A - 5P | +2 | 48SHT | 0GWG | 8PIM | 30HIT | 3SB | 69.8FO%

With another significant jump in points came Reencarnacion's best season at one hundred twenty. He also saw another ten percentage point jump in his face-off numbers. Seventeen game-winning goals in a seventy-two game season are really big for a player who is having a season like this as well. While the Americans were beat out of the first round in game seven it seemed as though Edwin Reencarnacion was in a league of his own taking home the Kevin Brooks Trophy for leading the league in goals, the Brett Slobodzian Trophy for most outstanding player, the Mike Szatkowski Trophy for leading the league in points, the Scott Boulet Trophy as the top two-way player in the league, and the Scotty Campbell Trophy as the VHL MVP.


Season 49 Statistics (VHL):

Regular Season 
S49(NYA) 72GP | 54G - 50A - 104P | +43 | 574SHT | 13GWG | 114PIM | 210HIT | 26SB | 69.4FO%
S49(NYA) 6GP | 6G - 4A - 10P | -1 | 47SHT | 0GWG | 2PIM | 7HIT | 4SB | 69.0FO%

While Edwin's numbers took a step back down to reality this season he was still having his second best season which was amazing and he did finish the season just below seventy percent in the face-off circle which is a big number. Reencarnacion and the Americans made the playoffs again and once again were outed in the first round. While Edwin did his part putting up ten points in just six games it simply wasn't enough.


Season 50 Statistics (VHL):

Regular Season 
S50(NYA/TOR) 71GP | 50G - 48A - 98P | +3 | 457SHT | 6GWG | 686PIM | 223HIT | 34SB | 65.7FO%
S50(TOR) 13GP | 3G - 5A - 8P | +1 | 71SHT | 0GWG | 6PIM | 42HIT | 10SB | 63.1FO%

Edwin wound up finishing his career with his second Continental Cup after being traded to Toronto. He was the veteran leadership on a team that dominated the playoffs. While all of Reencarnacion's numbers feel a bit in this season, the grizzled vet still had a massively productive season and was a beast as always in the face-off circle. Going out a champion and now a Hall of Famer is really the icing on the cake to a celebrated career.


Career Totals:

Regular Season
503GP | 341G - 297A - 638P | +265 | 3,465SHT | 71GWG | 75PIM | 1,639HIT | 204SB
53GP  | 23G - 27A - 50P | -1 | 304SHT | 1GWG | 38PIM | 146HIT | 24SB

In seven seasons Edwin Reencarnacion wound up way over a point a game on his career and was the heart and soul of a New York Americans team that while they only won a single cup also were a constant threat. seventy-one game-winning goals and over sixteen hundred hits are also something special for this career. Winning the  Kevin Brooks Trophy for leading the league in goals, the Brett Slobodzian Trophy for the most outstanding player, the Mike Szatkowski Trophy for leading the league in points, the Scott Boulet Trophy as the top two-way player in the league, and the Scotty Campbell Trophy as the VHL MVP cap off a trophy room full in this stallar career.

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