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Welfare/Pension (March 05 - 11)


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Post in this thread to claim welfare/pension for this week.

If you are claiming welfare/pension, you cannot claim any 6 TPE Point Tasks for this week (Media Spot/Graphic/Podcast) or League jobs paying 6+ TPE.


VHL Welfare Plan - Members with fewer than two 400+ TPE players may claim 4 TPE

VHL Pension Plan - Members who have created two or more 400+ TPE players may claim 5 TPE

VHL Affiliate Plan - Members who post a Point Task this week, in either the EFL or SBA, may link to that Point Task to claim 6 TPE


Pension Eligibility Sheet

There are still some unassigned players, feel free to post the missing username - player combinations in this thread, then I will update this.

Note: If your name has a 4 next to it, you are now eligible to claim 5 TPE. If there is a 3, you are only eligible to claim 4 TPE unless your current player pushes you into the Pension program.

If this is your first player, do not worry if you are not on the list. You are eligible for four points.

Once you reach 400 TPE with your current player, if that is your second player to reach 400 TPE, you are allowed to claim the pension plan. So instead of only taking in account previous players it also accounts for your current one.



Green has had Remy LeBeau (TPE: 1301) in the past. Thomas O'Malley, his second player, is now past 400 TPE, he is eligible for the VHL Pension Plan.


NOTE: Reminder that if you have two players, welfare/pension can only be claimed on ONE player per member each week.

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