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Some TPE-Related Suggestions


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Earlier this offseason, the VHL adjusted its update scale, and in turn added a whole bunch of TPE to each player in the league. Of course, this change has ramifications beyond just player builds, most notably with the salary cap and player minimums - something that the commissioners said they are looking at for this upcoming offseason. However, since I have 200 words to write, here's another two places I'd suggest the commissioners and BOG take a look at adjusting with the increase in expected TPE:


VHLM Cap: Historically, the VHLM has forced players to jump to the big leagues if they are over 175 TPE at the start of the season. 175, though, is a bit of an odd number to me, and with the recent changes, it's one that's easier hit. Factor in that the new update scale means that higher TPE players will have a harder time running away from newbies, and it makes sense to me to increase this number. 200 is a nice round number that makes sense to me, and it also correlates better with a likely salary system as well. Plus, it's a number that those in other leagues are familiar with.


Carryover TPE: In speaking of that odd 75 number, it's also the cap for carryover TPE. Currently, players that retire in their eighth season carry over 7% of TPE; that means it takes 1071 TPE to carry over the full 75. But again, with inflated TPE totals, I'd expect more people to hit that number than ever before - hell, McAllister's going to hit it in my fifth season. And again, a harder update scale makes the difference between 75 and 0 a bit closer than in the past. So why not increase this one to another round number, like 100? That would take 1429 TPE to hit, which I don't think would be absurd in the current TPE earning range. And yes, this is wholeheartedly self-serving, but I think it's worthwhile too.

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1 hour ago, TheLastOlympian07 said:

175 USED TPE, 200 cap. I think he was its to be 200 used TPE


It should be 200 applied 250 total limit

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