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Pilgrim/HelbillyXIII weekly presser

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1.) As we approach mid-season, your Rush are in first place with a 12 point lead in the standings. Is this lead sustainable and will you guys be at the top at the end of the season?


2.) You currently rank 3rd on your team in both points and shots blocked. What's been the secret to your success on both ends of the ice?


3.) While the Rush have dominated over most of the league, they are only 3-5 against the second place Storm, and have lost 3 straight against them. What's special about them that you guys just can't seem to figure out?


4.) Scenario: A big fight breaks out in the rink, people are throwing punches, hitting the deck, everyone is getting into it. Where are you in this event?

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1. The lead isnt enough, could easily drop out of playoffs still. I do think well head into playoffs the top seed though. 


2. The offense Id guess is strategy since its not a strong suit really. The shots blocked is all about being dedicated to being a great defenseman


3. The Storm are a great team, thats just how it goes some times i suppose. 


4. The middle of it!

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1. What happens in a seven-game series between the Rush and the Aces?

2. What has been the hardest part of the season for you?

3. If you could be any kind of animal which would you pick and why?

4. Favourite pre-game meal?

5. Do you party after the games or do you wait for off days?

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