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Defense rules the VHLM


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     The Yukon Rush sit atop the VHLM standings and see their lead in the standings increasing every week. The Rush record currently stands at 23-4-2. The Oslo Storm have a 19-9-2 record and are in 2nd place currently. The Rush are just 3rd in the league in goals scored but they have allowed the fewest goals with 65 goals against. That is a 14 goal difference compared to the next best team.   

     The 1st defensive line consist of 2nd year standout Luc-Pierre Lespineaus-LeBrunette and fan favorite Ho Lee Phook. Luc-Pierre is one of the premier defenseman in the VHLM. He leads the league in hits and is amongst the top few in shots blocked and minutes played as well. Phook plays a well balanced game and is currently leading the league with 27 assists and is also top 15 in the league in points and a pillar of the teams top lines. 

The 2nd line consist of the supringly efficient rookie tandem of Billy Pilgrim and Noel Roux. Pilgrim and Roux have both performed  very well this season and are both amongst the league leaders in an absurd amount of categories. 

      They are among the best in the following:(Pilgrim/Roux) 

Points (11/6)

Goals (14/13)

Assists (10/6)

+/- (4/3)


     Roux will be leaving for the VHL after this season so the Yukon Rush have one season to seize the opportunity the drafting expertise of 

Smarch has allowed them. As it stands the Rush are tops in the VHLM, but will theynstill be able to make that claim at seasons end)


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