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Toronto coming to eat your cake [1/2]


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Time to lock the fridge and make sure the key is hidden somewhere where the sun don´t shine, we are coming in hard and fast, mostly hard! Toronto Legion is currently sitting first in the league with 41 points after 26 games. After somewhat rocky start to the season where we won only three games out of seven, we have now been playing on absolute top level - night after night. The statistics show that, won 17 games out of 19 after the first seven games!


What is our secret? Has to be the combination of scoring depth and excellent play of Ironside in net. We have seven players who have scored at least 24 points in 26 games - that says a lot in my opinion. When player or two is not having perhaps the best possible day, there is always someone right next to those guys who can score the game winning goal, not many teams have that luxury and that also makes the team as a unit really hard to play against, if you focus on one player,  in result equally dangerous player is having more time and space to do damage.





If we look more closely on the statistics in the whole league, Boeser is second best goal scorer with 20 goals in 26 games. Cornerstone from Helsinki is the first with 24  and Schmeckeldorf right behind Boser with 20 also. Perhaps the biggest surprise in the goal scoring race is Torontos Leblanc with 17 goals, that is the fourth best in the whole league.


Same four players are the top-4 in points scored as well, Cornerstone leads with 30 assists and 54 points, Schmeckeldorf second with 29 assists and 49 points. Boser the third player so far who has reached the solid 40 point mark, he has 23 assists and 43 points. Leblanc is not far away from 40 points, currently sitting on 21 assists and 38 points.


Defenders Jokinen and Pablo are third and fourth in defender scoring with 28 and 24 points. Ron from Helsinki is the leader with 10 goals and 23 assists while Kinkaid in Calgary comes right behind with 7 goals and 26 assists.




I mentioned Ironside as one key factor on Torontos solid run so far, quite interestingly there are few other goalies in the league who have been playing on high level as well, DeGrath in New York is having a insane year,  93.8 save percentage - 1.69 goals against on average and six shutout, all three are league leading numbers!


Jacob in Helsinki has 92.9 save percentage and Stopko in Calgary with 92.6, both goalies are also number two and three in shots against, Stopko has 886 shots against and Jacob closely behind with 847. King in Riga has the second lowest goals against on average rating with 1.75 and the third goalie who has under two, Axelberry in Seattle with 1.91!


What kind of numbers Ironside has? Well, his save percentage is at 92.5 which is fourth best and shots against is the sixth highest with 708 shots.  Goals against on average is just over two with 2.04, so even if the fine statistics are not the absolutely best among goalies league wide, Ironside is having a great year in Torontos goal and he is by the way the only goalie so far who has 20 wins!


If Toronto and the players manage to keep this level up for reminder of the season, I think you need to put Legion as one of the top candidates for cup victory!


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