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(S53 Class) Greg Clegane - Player [1/2]


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G - Greg Clegane
Birthplace: Houndscourt, Ireland
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 250 lbs
Jersey Number: 1
Drafted: S42 Round 1, Pick 2 (Helsinki)
Username: Victor


Most shutouts of all time, lowest goals against average of all time, Greg Clegane may be the best goaltender to ever suit up in the history of the VHL. Making the playoffs for seven of eight seasons, winning back to back Continental Cups in seasons forty-five and forty-six. A gold medal and a silver medal in the World Cup for Western Europe. Winning top rookie in his first season to being named MVP of the league near the end of his career. It's safe to say, Greg did it all in his eight-year career and the Clegane name will remain in the record books for a long time to come with his brother Sandro slightly behind him, haha. 

Career Awards:

S45 Continental Cup - VHL Champions (HSK)
S46 Continental Cup - VHL Champions (HSK)
S45 Victory Cup - Regular Season Champions (HSK)
S46 Victory Cup - Regular Season Champions (HSK)
S49 Victory Cup - Regular Season Champions (QUE)
S45 Terence Fong Trophy - EU Conference Champions (HSK)
S46 Terence Fong Trophy - EU Conference Champions (HSK)
S48 Terence Fong Trophy - EU Conference Champions (HSK)

S46 Gold Medal (WEU)
S48 Silver Medal (WEU)

S45 Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy - Top Rookie
S49 Scotty Campbell Trophy - MVP 
S49 Aidan Shaw Trophy - Top Goalie 

Season 45 Statistics (VHL):

Regular Season
S45(HSK) 64GP | 44W - 15L - 5OTL | 0.916 SV% | 2.22 GAA | 8 SO
S45(HSK) 12GP | 8W - 3L - 1OTL | 0.924 SV% | 1.98 GAA | 2 SO

When you start your career earning the top rookie of the year honors you know you are in for a great career. When you start out being a rookie goaltender winning a championship you know you have a superstar on your hands. After Helsinki picked up Greg Clegane second overall in the season forty-five draft, he instantly became the backbone of the team and proved his worth helping the team to a Continental Cup. 


Season 46 Statistics (VHL):

Regular Season
S46(HSK) 65GP | 48W - 11L - 6OTL | 0.917 SV% | 1.90 GAA | 7 SO
S46(HSK) 10GP | 8W - 2L - 0OTL | 0.905 SV% | 2.30 GAA | 0 SO

Greg Clegane was up to more of the same in his second season helping the Titans to another Continental Cup. Back to back championships to start a career is quite the accomplishment to go along with Helsinki having the most points in the league in both of these seasons as well. The offseason rolled around and in Came the World Cup as well where Greg won gold with Western Europe as well. At this point in his career it seemed there was nothing Greg couldn't accomplish.


Season 47 Statistics (VHL):

Regular Season
S47(HSK) 64GP | 46W - 14L - 4OTL | 0.922 SV% | 1.78 GAA | 13 SO
S47(HSK) 6GP | 2W - 3L - 1OTL | 0.904 SV% | 2.83 GAA | 0 SO

Helsinki lost out in the first round of the playoffs this season and although looking invincible in the past it was starting to come apart. This was a disappointing finish after Greg posted his best save percentage and goals-against average while also breaking double-digit shutouts for the first time.


Season 48 Statistics (VHL):

Regular Season
S48(HSK) 64GP | 44W - 17L - 3OTL | 0.928 SV% | 1.85 GAA | 8 SO
S48(HSK) 11GP | 5W - 5L - 1OTL | 0.936 SV% | 2.13 GAA | 1 SO

While Helsinki made the second round of the playoffs where they were ultimately blown out it was clear the team was heading in the wrong direction and they decided to trade of their superstar and re-tool. Greg Clegane was off to Quebec where the following season would bring him...


Season 49 Statistics (VHL):

Regular Season
S49(QUE) 64GP | 52W - 8L - 4OTL | 0.935 SV% | 1.57 GAA | 16 SO
S49(QUE) 5GP | 1W - 2L - 2OTL | 0.905 SV% | 2.84 GAA | 0 SO

A Scotty Campbell Trophy as league MVP and an Aidan Shaw Trophy as the league top goalie. Quebec also won the Victory Cup having the best overall record but they ultimately couldn't make it out of the first round and on to playoff glory. This season statistically was Cleganes best however so it was something for him to be proud of.


Season 50 Statistics (VHL):

Regular Season
S50(QUE) 64GP | 44W - 16L - 4OTL | 0.927 SV% | 1.79 GAA | 10 SO
S50(QUE) 10GP | 6W - 1L - 3OTL | 0.921 SV% | 1.96 GAA | 0 SO

After another great season, Quebec did make it out of the first round of the season fifty playoffs but they fell in the next round. There were no trophies, no glory, just heartbreak in Quebec so I guess that is why Greg decided to pack up and head over to rival Toronto for his last two runs at a cup.


Season 51 Statistics (VHL):

Regular Season
S51(TOR) 64GP | 45W - 15L - 4OTL | 0.940 SV% | 1.50 GAA | 15 SO
S51(TOR) 18GP | 11W - 7L - 0OTL | 0.950 SV% | 1.47 GAA | 2 SO

The first season in Toronto and things looked great, best save percentage of his career, lowest goals against average of his career and they made the finals against Riga. The series against Riga was epic and one hell of a goaltender battle. The scores in games were low and that had a lot to do with Greg Clegane. Ultimately the Legion lost 1-0 in the seventh game and a shutout loss to your brother will never make you happy.


Season 52 Statistics (VHL):

Regular Season 
S52(TOR) 64GP | 41W - 18L - 5OTL | 0.924 SV% | 1.75 GAA | 16 SO

Disappointing end to a career after getting this kind of record and still missing the playoffs. I had to check the stats a couple times after teeing no Toronto playoffs this season. Sixteen shutouts tie his single-season high and overall Greg once again showed he was one of the elite goaltenders to ever play the game.

Career Totals:

Regular Season
513GP | 41W - 114L - 35OTL | 0.926 SV% | 1.80 GAA | 93 SO
65GP | 364W - 23L - 8OTL | 0.921 SV% | 2.22 GAA | 5 SO


After 8 seasons, two Continental Cups, A gold and silver medal, A league MVP trophy, and the current record for lowest goals against average and most shutouts Greg Clegane retired and went down as one of the greatest goaltenders of all time. It is a career that may never be seen again in today's VHL with more parity than ever. He may not have won the most trophies out of all the goaltenders in this league but his teams were always top tier and most of them were so because of his efforts. 

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