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Vince Wong

Member: STZ

Positions Held: Grader, VHL General Manager, VHLM General Manager, Magazine Editor, BOG, Player Page Updater


My first memory of STZ is from shortly after I joined the VHL. At this time, he had just finished off his first career with Ethan Osborne and had just taken over for Higgins as Helsinki's General Manager. Naturally it didn't take long for STZ, looking to get his re-building of the Titans started, to reach out to me as a draftee to see if I might be interested in playing for Helsinki and to help me along. STZ was actually one of the very first VHL people that I got to chatting with frequently, and he provided me a lot of help in terms of explaining how the league worked. 


But of course guiding me through my early days of the VHL aren't STZ's only contributions to the VHL (although maybe the most significant ;)). Quite the opposite, STZ has a long long list of major contributions to this forum that he continues building today. Of course the most notable has to be the close to 200 editions of the VHL Magazine that he published over his various tenures as Mag Editor (he was replaced by Molholt and possibly boubabi for some time before returning). The magazine under STZ was a league staple that I'm not sure any other editor was or ever will be able to replicate exactly, it was something that provided tremendous value to the league. 


Aside from the magazine, STZ has contributed in many other ways: I wasn't around to see it but I'm told STZ was some kind of legendary VHLM GM, and I can speak to the fact that STZ was a great VHL GM as well and it's great to see him back in that role today. STZ was also one of the more active BOG members for a long time, but even outside the BOG, STZ is constantly offering suggestions and ideas to make the league a better place. Another more plainly seen contribution is the huge amount of graphics STZ has created for other VHL members.


But, I certainly can't close off this builder article without talking about the players STZ has ushered through the VHL. It all started with Ethan Osborne, STZ's first player and someone I remember hearing an awful lot about when I first joined the league. Next was Jake Wylde, STZ's GM player with Helsinki and defense partner for most of my first career. Although I didn't manage to accomplish much with that career, Wylde was hugely successful especially in his later years - I have it on good authority Wylde's name might be back on the scene one of these days. Then there was Unassisted, yet another wildly successful player. Now of course we see Rhett DeGrath, another fantastic player for STZ  (and his highest TPE yet), and Ike Arkander. STZ is certainly one of the people who most successfully managed 2 players.


By now you should have a good idea of why STZ is being named a builder, I don''t think I need to go on - especially because STZ is still here everyday, continuing to build on this story with no sign of slowing down. I'm quite sure I will need to update this someday as I feel STZ still has a ways to go before he's done contributing to the VHL. That said, there's no doubt he's already earned the right to a spot in the Builder's Hall of Fame.




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11 hours ago, diamond_ace said:

STZ is one of my favorites on the whole site of course, but I do have to say I think Ree had just as successful a run with the mag - Ree was a tad before your time though :)


Yeah his run was insane.. I did do 160+ editions just to pass his 154 lol

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