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Bern fans fully behind this years squad


This past weekend, in an effort to help out local hockey, the Bern Royals put on a hockey clinic in order to help out the minor hockey programs within the Bern area. Many kids and adults came out for a day filled with a skating and drills portion of the afternoon followed by a chance to get an autograph and pictures with the players.


The players that showed up for the Royals included Ron World Peace, Blaine Olynick, Jakob Linholm and the newest addition to the Royals roster, Antoine Sauvé.


The day started off when adults and kids were all given a chance to skate with these players and do some hockey drills ran by the players themselves. They did a few skating drills as well as shooting and passing drills, while Olynick ran a couple of goalie drills.


"It was a ton of fun" said 11-year-old AJ Harris. "Having the player here made it extra cool and it was really fun when I scored on Olynick"


Earlier in the breakaway drill they were doing, AJ skated down and managed to slide the puck past Olynick, though there may not have been 100% effort from the top goalie prospect for the season 37 VHL draft.


After the hockey portion of fan day was done, the fans were given a chance to get autographs from the players that showed up as well as get a picture with them as well. Overall many fans enjoyed the experience and thought it was great that the team was showing an interest in getting to know the community that they play for.


The team decided to take this opportunity to continue excitement around the franchise that has been building this season. The Royals are sitting in second place in the European conference and are one of the favorites to knock off the league leading Bratislava Watchmen in the playoffs. With more and more tickets getting sold to their games and with the community fully embracing the team, it seemed like a good time to give something back to the fans that have been cheering them on.


"It was nice to come out and interact with the fans. They have been spending their time and money to come out and see us play and have been one of the main reasons we have been doing so well this year. It was good to give them something back as a thank-you." said Linholm, the teams 18-year-old left winger.


When asked about the rest of the season, Linholm seemed to echo the thoughts of the rest of the Royals organization.


“Yeah we're obviously happy with the way that the season has been going but we're still improving. We are not going to stop until we are the ones raising the trophy at the end of the year. Every day we are out there practising and the coaching staff is doing it's best to get us ready for the rest of the season as well as the playoffs.”


With the fans fully backing the team, it's nice to see the team do something for the fans.



Linholm is an 18-year-old winger eligible for the season 37 VHL Entry Draft

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Content: 3/3 - Cool read on how us Royals like to give back to the community. We've fallen a bit back on the race for #1 in the European Conference but it's not over until it's over.


Grammar: 2/2 - A quick read through might've helped you out here. Nothing major though.


thank-you - thank you


18-year-old - 18 year old


practising - practicing


doing it's best - doing its best


Appearance: 1/1 - All good.


Overall: 6/6


Final: 6/6

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