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Kyle Dowd Likely to Call it Quits


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Dowd Likely to Call It Quits on VHL


"I love the game, but it seems like I don't have much to give anymore. There's plenty who have given much more than I have, and I think my time in the VHL has passed." Dowd's quote was following a Quebec game where he was asked whether or not he would be able to return for a few more players. Dowd responded following that he doesn't even have the drive to follow through with Valiq and is ready to part ways the league to permanently settle down with his family. Dowd was then asked if he would want to have any role in the league at all. Dowd responded saying he felt it would be best if he stepped into the shadows and fade out of the VHL scene. Interesting development hearing Dowd claim that he would like to step down from all titles and quit the VHL scene. Will Tomas Valiq be announcing an early retirement? It's possible, but it certainly seems like his agent is permanently ready to step away from the league.

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Kind of heard about this from you off and on Kyle. I know you were mentioning you may recreate and just make a career VHLM player and continue to lurk. Sucks to see such a great member want to call it quits though. If/when you do end up leaving, best of luck in life sir. 

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