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The Movement


Things have not gone the way the Cologne Express expected this year. With around only five players showing up to practice each week, the Express have chosen to go a different route. A rebuild or re-tooling is underway in Cologne. General Manager Joey Kendrick is in the middle of trading away once potential franchise players. Gregory Glass was the first member to leave the team after a trade sent him to Seattle. Shortly after Tony Stark was also given the boot as he was traded to the North American conference as well, over to the New York Americans. Then they decided that they would trade young budding star Lauris Prikulas to Vasteras to join the Iron Eagles. Swiftly upon the news of that trade Kendrick made another trade with the Vasteras Iron Eagles once again. This time once sought-after prospect Cody Inko was going to feel a need in Sweden. When the dust all settled the Cologne Express were whittled down too few players. The rebuild was in full effect in the German city.




Through all this the Express were still winning games, albeit shorthanded. It was starting to look very uncertain the direction that Cologne was taking in the future. At once stage the Cologne Express looked like they were in rebuilding mode after trading way older players. However, the Express started to win more games and are now only five points out of the last playoff spot in the European conference. Meanwhile in Sweden, the general manager was sitting on his chair sweating like a pig. The Iron Eagles are currently grasping at straws to find a way to hold off the Cologne Express. If somehow the Cologne Express were able to make the playoffs, this season will be full of dramatic stories. The rebuild would start to look like a retooling and general manager Joey Kendrick may still be continuing his tenure with the German team. After giving coach Gordon Bombay his walking papers earlier in the year it look like Joey Kendrick would be given his as well. Sure enough the team came full swing back around and they started to win again. Things in Cologne look uncertain but at the same time are very positive.


Meanwhile Joey Kendrick is still doing his homework along with his various scouts to scout the upcoming entry draft. With four picks in the first 15 selections, the Cologne Express are hoping to build a reputation for successful drafting. Last years draft did not turn out so well for Cologne as the only prospect that had any movement was Jimmity Kricket. Kricket is a long time from ever making the VHL, but if he does they are hoping he is a consistent player. Cologne still has their franchise center, franchise goaltender and the top blue liner still on their roster. With a few free-agent additions this team isn’t too far out of the playoffs for this upcoming season. The makeup of this team next year will be a whole lot different, but this team is still staying positive throughout the whole building process.




“I wanted to rebuild this franchise with something we were never given, assets. After 5 seasons in this league we have two playoff berths to show for it. Now it is time we build along with stay competitive. Our roster current isn’t horrible on paper so we aren’t too far out of where we need to be. A few roster changes and additions and we could very well be looking up in no time. Some would consider us between a rock and a hard place in regards to which direction we head now. We know that with our additions in terms of assets, we can fetch what we want through trades and the draft to compete again", said GM Joey Kendrick


*Blades of Steel Returns next week!

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Content 3/3 - Great read, hope that Cologne is able to get back on the right path

Grammar 2/2 - Really only the one below


down too few > down to too few


Appearance 1/1 - Like the green throughout and cool pics


Overall 6/6

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