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Slaughter Update




It's been a long season of anxiousness for Thomas Slaughter who is eagerly awaiting the Season 37 VHL Entry Draft. The forward is VHL ready now, likely eclipsing the 300 practice hour mark by his first VHL game next season. The season has been a good learning experience for the budding winger. Starting slowly, Slaughter was playing well below a point per game pace before a recent upcheck in productivity. Slaughter was moved to centre on the first line recently and the move has paid dividends for the Watchmen in recent games or at least dividends for Slaughter himself who now has 62 points – 30 goals and 32 assists in 56 games thus far.


“I don't want to take anything away from other players on the team having good campaigns. I know that Phil and Dave have been having terrific years. I've found some success with Phil and Slater and the rest of our top line in the last five games. It's nice to contribute to the tea on the scoreboard and increase my bonus at the same time. I just hope we can get good totals for all of our players, especially the guys who have just entered the league this season,” Slaughter said.


The forward has had a great deal of success since moving over to centre where his skill set seems to play better. The player is now considering making a permanent move to the position, but he is still very raw to it. Sporting only a 54 % face-off win rate this season, this is an area he needs to improve drastically before the start of Season 37 if he hopes to move into that spot on a VHL roster. If he is drafted to the New York Americans, it is likely the team will ask Slaughter to move to centre anyway as they currently have zero depth at the position. Slaughter admits it is a tempting transition that seems natural at this point.


“I have the work ethic and the time to develop the skills I need to succeed at centre in the VHL. I have good size and I like to throw the body too. I plan on sticking with the puck possession that I have been known for as a hockey player. We'll see how the dice roll when after the Entry Draft. At this point, I've been training things evenly because I am willing to play anywhere on the ice that I'm needed. I think I have the talent to successfully move to any position other than goalie on the ice. I'm really excited to continue my development,” Slaughter said.




As the season winds down, Slaughter and the Watchmen look to contend for the VHLM Founder's Cup Championship. The Watchmen are easily the most talented team on paper and have showed their dominance throughout the season. With equal talent distribution and a number of star players, the Watchmen would have to be heavily upset in order to not make the VHLM finals. The team recently acquired newly announced forward Logan Laich, one of the top draft prospects in this draft class. Alongside the amazing season goalie Martin Brookside has had. The team is equally talented in all areas of the game.


“I'm excited for the playoffs. I think we stand a really good chance of winning it all this season. With my experience last season, I have to say this team is even more talented than Ottawa's last year. We have a lot of depth, a lot of talent and a lot of quality character guys on the roster. We'll see what happens, cause anything can, but I fully expect to be playing for the Founder's Cup again and I hope to be lucky enough to win another one in my time in the Minors,” he said.

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Content 3/3 - Over 600 words. Slaughter has a lot of hype surrounding him, and there is a likely chance he goes first overall.

Grammar 2/2 - Pretty much good.


300 practice > 300-practice

upcheck> up check


Appearance 1/1 - Yep


Overall 6/6 - GL Mr. Slaughter!

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