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Ottawa Lynx Update


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With the season slowly coming to a close, the Lynx are still struggling to find consistency. They may very well squeak into the playoffs, but it will be quite the battle to stay there.


They just cannot seem to win against the big teams. There are 3 teams in which they just have troubles scoring on, and it has impacting their record in a big way. 


Iron Eagles: 0-7

Watchmen: 0-6

Royals: 0-4


The proof is in the numbers that if the Lynx wish to become more than what they are, they need to find success against these teams.


We have asked forward Travis Boychuk on his opinion in the matter: "We need to trust each other more. We need to battle harder on the boards. It's been difficult here to find the right players to put together. There have been many newcomers here, including myself who are trying to find their perfect spot. " said Boychuk.


Travis Boychuk has 30 points in 40 games with the club. Not bad for a first year.



We look forward to the remaining 16 games in the Ottawa Lynx's season.

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