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Claimed:Watchmen Officially Introduce Their New Assistant GM


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There has been a recent initiative of VHLM general managers hiring assistants. What ignited this movement is unknown and unimportant, but various VHL executives are applauding this trend. The Bratislava Watchmen, perhaps the most successful VHLM franchise since their creation six seasons ago, have hired a new assistant general manager.  Watchmen general manager Vince Wong revealed to the press his intentions of hiring Seth Plaut as his right-hand man. Wong was quoted asserting:


‘’ The Bratislava Watchmen are proud to announce that we are adding a new member to our management team. The Watchmen are proud of our rich alumni group and success in developing players to the VHL. This addition to our team will ensure that this developmental ground improves on what it already is. So with that, the Bratislava Watchmen are proud to announce Seth Plaut as our assistant general manager.’’


Consequently, a press conference was announced as an introduction for Seth Plaut to the entire Watchmen faithful. When asked what his goals, expectations, and sentiments about the franchise are, Plaut affirmed:


‘’Let me first state, that I am honored to work under such as successful executive as Mr. Vince Wong. Since the franchise’s inception, the Bratislava Watchmen have epitomized, and embodied what being a VHLM franchise should be. There is a constant cycle of great young players developed here, and I am ecstatic to be a significant part of it. As for our expectations, they won’t nor should they change. The sole purpose of a VHLM franchise is to develop and guide players who are about to embark on their VHL journey. I sincerely hope, and expect to add to the aforementioned sentiment, with the hopes of gaining adequate experience in running a franchise. I am incredibly appreciative of this opportunity, and I will seize it with my best efforts.’’



​Plaut being introduced to the Bratislava press.


The Bratislava Watchmen are currently dominating the entire VHLM, being the only team to clinch a spot in the playoffs. With fifty wins in fifty-six games, the Watchmen are aiming to be considered a legendary team. They recently added to their already enormous firepower, by acquiring Logan Laich in a trade from the Minot Gladiators. At this juncture, it would take a miracle to prevent the Watchmen from hoisting the Founder’s Cup, and adding a talent such as Laich only increases the forenamed probability.


Regardless of how this season unfolds for the Bratislava Watchmen, Seth Plaut will be looked upon to add insight, and energy to the front office.  By all accounts from various executives, Vince Wong absolutely nailed this hire, and has added a formidable dimension to his squad. Only time can now affirm the sheer magnitude of success this hire will offer the Watchmen for both the present, and future.

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Content 3/3 - We became Assistant GMs and Graders at about the same time. Haha. Over 460 words.

Grammar 2/2 - Yep!

Appearance 1/1 - Liked the text colors to match Bratislava's colors.

Overall 6/6 - Good luck and maybe we will become GMs at the same time!

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