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Working hard in the minors, it hasn't been an easy road in the VHL for Vasteras Iron Eagles prospect, Luke Riggs. After going un-selected in the VHLM draft and also going 3rd last in the VHL draft, Riggs has had to work his way up to the VHL.. and he's quite not there just yet. Like many prospects who play an aggressive, in your face style, Riggs' commitment to fundamentals will always be scrutinized closely. Luke will be looked upon to continue improving his offensive skills and with a concerted effort next season. 
The year before getting drafted, only a single scout gave a report on him, that read, "Riggs has outstanding size and strength. He is underrated in terms of his offensive skills and instincts. He can dominate a hockey game in the corners or with big hits. Riggs can be a nasty, intimidating presence; he's also excellent when he drops the gloves. Luke's skating is only average. He's also not a natural goal-scorer, but when he does score, it's often because of sheer determination and a reckless drive through traffic. Riggs can at times put his team in a hole by being too aggressive. He probably won't reach it, but he has the potential to be an excellent, prototypical old-school power forward."
The Iron Eagles turned a few heads when they drafted bruising power forward Luke Riggs in the third round. At 6’3 225 lbs, he has the size to play an aggressive, physical game, and he uses that to his advantage. From delivering a jarring body check, to dropping the gloves, Riggs knows his role, which is to throw the other team off their game, and to get his team riled up. He completed his second full season with the Oslo Storm this season. Perhaps most telling as to what piqued the Eagles’ interest, is that Riggs is a tireless worker with a terrific attitude. The energy the winger brings with each shift is an intangible that cannot be measured in stats.
“He really sets the tone on our team with his work ethic,” Eagles coach Thomas Corcoran said to the media, the day he announced the signing of this young kid, “He finishes his checks and when he hits people he hits them hard. He’s not afraid to change the game with dropping his gloves or going to the net and making things happen.”
Like many young players, Riggs will need to continue working on his skating, particularly his speed, which is one of the weakest areas for the 18-year-old. What’s promising is that Riggs improved tremendously in the space of a single season, a trend that, if it continues, could turn him into an effective checking line player for the Eagles. 
Often wondering when he'll get his chance to shine in the VHL, GM Thomas Corcoran is delaying, and will only bring him up "when he is ready." When he'll be ready.. no one knows, but when he gets there.. watch out. Luke Riggs can prove to be a very good prospect for the Vasteras Iron Eagles. GM Thomas Corcoran reassured him of that.
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Content: 3/3 - Riggs has been a pleasant surprise for the Storm this season, it's been great to have him active and producing. If you keep up the good work, Vasteras will have ended up with quite the gem.
Grammar: 2/2 - Really had to nitpick here. Well done.
he's quite not there just yet. = he's not quite there just yet. (awkward wording)
Appearance: 1/1 - Dude got KTFO'd.
Overall: 6/6 -  (Y)
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