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Famous faces to grace the VHL


As Season Thirty-Six winds down for the Victory Hockey League, fans across the league are looking forward to the stretch drive towards the playoffs, although many people that follow the league can’t help but think about the upcoming draft that is shaping up to the one of the best in many seasons. As I shift through the past few weeks articles I noticed a bunch about the upcoming draft and the prospects in this great draft, so I decided to go another way instead of another Season Thirty-Seven draft article. Today I will look at some familiar faces that have come through the VHL Entry Draft in the first ten seasons of the VHLs existence.



Jesus Christ Goaltender; 332 TPE; Hamilton, Toronto (S1-S5)



No, your eyes are not deceiving you as you read the first name in the article. Back In the league’s first season, the league was a buzz when Jesus Christ himself made his name eligible for the Season One VHL Dispersal Draft. No one really knew if it was a prank or if Christ had come back to earth just to play in the VHL. With the uncertainty about Christ, the goaltender fell to the second round where the Hamilton Canucks finally called his name. Christ appeared from the rafters’ just seconds after his name was called to wear his new teams’ jersey. Christ lasted four seasons in the VHL playing for the Canucks and Toronto Legion during his time in the league, without a doubt being the biggest name ton ever grace the VHL.



Bruce Wayne Defense; 81 TPE; Amstel, Helsinki, Vasteras (S1-S3)




Another famous name to make himself eligible for the Season One VHL Dispersal Draft, Wayne came to the league looking for a change in culture. After fighting crime for so many years prior, Wayne wasn’t expected to be an offensive superstar but more of a physical defender that was solid in his own end. Wayne played three seasons In the VHL for Amstel, Helsinki, and Vasteras, retiring from the league as after his former team the Helsinki Titans eliminated the team they traded Wayne to, the Vasteras Iron Eagles, in a tight seven game series. Wayne returned to his day job in Gotham City, never to be seen or heard from again in the VHL.



Guillaume Latendresse; Right Wing 367 TPE; Stockholm, Hamilton, Toronto, Calgary (S2-S7)



The last of the familiar faces we’ll look at today is a young man many will know from his time in the NHL with the Montreal Canadians, Minnesota Wild, and Ottawa Senators. Latendresse was actually drafted in the Season One VHL Supplementary Draft by the Stockholm Rams. The first season wouldn’t count against Latendresse’s rookie season, so he once again saw a VHL draft before the start of the VHL’s second season. Latendresse would be selected by the Hamilton Canucks and that’s where the youngster would mostly make his mark in the VHL. Latendresse would go onto a five year VHL career with four different VHL franchises. Latendresse would head back to the NHL after his short stint in the VHL and he would see more success thanks to his time of development in the VHL. 

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Content: 3/3 - Haha this was pretty fun to read. I played games with some of these guys and they were quality people on the site back then.


Grammar: 2/2 - Little mistakes here.


ton - to


In - in


his former team the Helsinki Titans - his former team, the Helsinki Titans


Appearance: 1/1 - JESUS SAVES!


Overall: 6/6


Final: 6/6

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