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What Lies Ahead in the Mind of Travis Boychuk?


This current season is Travis Boychuk's rookie season in the VHLM. Most people did not know what to expect from this player, being a kid from the Ukraine coming over to the bigger league. He was always skilled in various categories in the game of hockey, but nobody knew if it would translate to success when he came over. 


Since coming over to the Ottawa Lynx, he has impressed the fans, coach, and scouts in different aspects. Boychuk has found a knack for scoring big goals in this league, with his recent being an overtime winner over the Storm in Game #289. He is not a star just yet, but he is capturing the attention of the many who follow the VHLM


When one thinks about the Ottawa Lynx, the big name who comes to the table is Konstantin Azhishchenkov. Travis Boychuk is slowly making a name for himself though, despite being in KJA's shadow. One thing to consider is that the Lynx are no favorite to win this year, but if their player's continue to develop the way they are then you can expect more success in the following years. If Boychuk can continue to find success here, it will do nothing but good for him. He is currently sitting at 10 Goals and 24 Assists for 34 Points in 42 Games.


Travis Boychuk has set his sights on a number of goals for himself in the VHLM, and we have caught up with him for a one-on-one interview:






Interviewer: "As the season goes on, what do you look to get better at on the ice?"


Travis Boychuk: "Well, something I feel I need to work on is my skating. I've been practicing it hard on my off-days. It's been more difficult to keep up to the guys in this league. I think I've been improving since I had a little bit of a rough patch there."




Interviewer: "It is starting to look that way. Your hard work has translated to the ice recently. Do you feel you have gotten better in areas since coming over to the VHLM?"


Travis Boychuk: "I think that I am finding the right areas better than better. What I mean is the spots I need to go on the ice. The rough areas. My coach has worked with me on getting into the tough areas more. I've worked on my strength and conditioning recently."




Interviewer: "We have noticed your work along the boards lately. Keep it up. Are there any goals you have set to achieve in the remaining games this season?"


Travis Boychuk: "I feel that I need to become a better player overall. My shooting could use some work and my strength on the face-off circle. My percentage on the dot has declined somewhat in the past 10 games or so. As a team we need to work harder together to stick in the playoffs."






Interviewer: "We wish you luck on that one. I've noticed you pot some goals in, especially that last one in overtime against the Storm. What kind of player are you looking to become in the years ahead?"


Travis Boychuk: "The first step would be to become a premier player in the VHLM. I want to get noticed by scouts, and then be drafted to the VHL. When I get there I want to be a regular in producing points. Obviously, the ultimate goal is the Cup. I do not want to think to far ahead though. What matters right now is this team and it's own success. I will continue to stay committed here and do my best to improve."




Well there we have it folks. Travis Boychuk has been great in his rookie season on a mediocre team and fans are ecstatic to see what lies in his future. We will continue to watch him and his team as the season comes to an end.











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Content: 3/3 - Keep up the good work homie. Soon the Ukraine will put the hurt on people, just like they did to their government!
Grammar: 2/2 - Just some silly stuff:
their player's continue = their players continue
10 Goals and 24 Assists for 34 Points in 42 Games = 10 goals and 24 assists for 34 points in 42 games
finding the right areas better than better = ?
you pot some goals in = you put some goals in
Appearance: 1/1 - Zherdev! Zherdev!
Overall: 6/6 -  :autism:
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