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Vasteras could miss the playoffs


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Vasteras dangerously close to missing playoffs


With 15 games left in the season, the Cologne Express are hot on the tails of the cursed Vasteras franchise. The Express were down 8 points about a week ago, but have gone on a tear, cutting the Iron Eagles' lead to 1 point. Granted, Vasteras has a game in hand on the Express, but Cologne is far from out of it.


The Iron Eagles are only in the playoff hunt thanks to the stellar play of goaltender Eggly Bagelface. He has firmly planted himself in the MVP discussions, as the Iron Eagle offense continues to lag behind the rest of the league. Below is a look at the remaining games for Vasteras, who has a decidedly tougher schedule than Cologne.



Calgary 2

Cologne 3

Davos 4

Helsinki 2

Riga 1

New York 1

Quebec 1

Seattle 1



Calgary 3

Davos 1

Helsinki 1

Riga 1

New York 2

Seattle 2

Toronto 1

Vasteras 3


Additionally, Vasteras has 4 more required games of their backup goaltender. I'm starting to believe that Cologne will be heading to the playoffs.

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Cologne only having three games against "elite" level teams in Helsinki, Toronto and Davos favors them a lot. Add to the fact that 3 more games against each other and Cologne has DOMINATED the season series, Vasteras very well could miss the playoffs. 

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