VHL Poker Tournament

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Welcome, welcome.


The VHL community is a great place to find yourself in. We're a close group for the most part and with a bunch of new guys, we want to include them - so what better way to bond with the boys than some ice cold beer and a couple games of TEXAS HOLD'EM. 


Im on my phone, so their may be a more logical post sorted out better.. but here's my idea..  


1. Pick a day and date that works best for everyone. Friday or Saturday. 


2. Depending on users - may be a 1 or 2 day event.


3. Sort tables and play on private tables protected by passwords. 


4. Have a top 3-10 prize.


Thoughts on prizes: 


1. $20 donatiom

2. Lesser donation

3. Lesser donation




1. 2,000 word media spot

2. 20 donation

3. 1500 word article

4. Lesser donation

5. Etc


@Will @Beketov @Beaviss @Kendrick


Tagged you blues and 2 recruiters.. thoughts on potential uncapped bonuses? I see it as a good way for the boys to bond, bull shit and good for retention. :) 

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I'm fine with having some rewards for something like this but finding time where we could get a good amount of people would be challenging at best. I like the incentive though.

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2 hours ago, Spade18 said:

I'd be in.


It would have to be at night though.  I work pretty much every day.

Yeah. I work everyday too. Haha evening tourney 


@Beketov I'm thinking get everyone to give us their times and a Friday or Saturday and then pick tables like that. 


Could be one weekend Fri and Sat or a 2 weekend thing 

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