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10293lolo 2nd

Loui Laksson

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VHL Player Template


Player Information

Username: 10293lolo 2nd
Full Name: Loui Laksson
Position: D
Age: 18
Handedness: R
Recruited By/From: N/A
Would you like an experienced member to mentor you? N/A

Player Attributes

Total Points Earned: 30

CK = Checking: 40
FG = Fighting: 40
DI = Discipline: 40
SK = Skating: 40
ST = Strength: 40
PH = Puck Handling: 40
FO = Face Offs: 40
PA = Passing: 40
SC = Scoring: 40
DF = Defense: 40
PS = Penalty Shot: 40
EX = Experience: 40
LD = Leadership: 40

Jersey Number: 2
Height (inches): 75
Weight (lbs.): 223
Birthplace: Edmundston, New-Brunswick


Career Stats

Player Movement

Past Players


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