Make 1 PT good for both players

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For GMs making two players makes sense. What doesn't make sense is that they have to do two PTs to have the points on both players. WIth my player cards I'd need to make 4 graphics weekly to max out. MAke it like the rest of the major leagues and have 1 PT be all a person needs to post in a week.

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Makes zero difference to me to have it apply to both, but I wouldn't mind if it did. It's that way in the EFL.


I mean, I get 12 capped no matter what for both my players when I have one on welfare, so this wouldn't really affect me.


2 TPE GM pay

2 TPE Head of PT Staff pay

2 TPE Reviewer pay

1 TPE Press Conference questions

5 TPE welfare

Then I just claim 5 TPE for my PT on my 1 guy.


But at the same time, Head of PT Staff isn't the biggest job these days. Nobody reviews besides me and sometimes exlaxchronicles.

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Agreed with the above, I see no reason to do this. In the EFL it makes sense because football needs so many players on both sides and therefore needs the members to have 2 players to fill the rosters; it makes sense. Here player 2 is something we offer GM’s as a bonus for their work, it is not an automatic given. If they can’t ha sleep the workload they don’t need to have 2 players.

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