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VHL.com/590 Article Rules


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VHL.COM/XM Radio/590 Article Rules

  • You may only do one XM Radio Article per week.
  • Each article is worth 2 TPE and can be updated by linking the article thread to your player updates
  • Each article is expected to be at least 150 words, but should be around 200 words. If you are found to be writing articles short of this limit you may have your ability to write articles revoked
  • Each article is expected to be league related, and have a degree of relevance to the VHL.
  • All work must be 100% original or you could face a ban from posting XM Radio articles ranging from weekly to permanent.

VHL.COM/XM Radio/590 Duo Article Rules

  • The article must be in interview or players profile form. You cannot collaborate on a news article
  • Because of the collaboration, the word amount must top 300 words, if found that it is below the required amount, you won't receive points
  • The honor system will be in play and if abused, you will have your XM Radio privileges revoked for a season and if a 2nd warning has to be handed down, you just won't be able to post them at all. If Person A posts the collaboration, person B must confirm that he/she did contribute to half of the material
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