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Fire Hakstol

2018-2019 NHL Discussion

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8 hours ago, Quik said:

Oh man, you didn't actually think that was suspsension worthy, did you?


Also, Q is fired! @Fire Hakstol any thoughts on this?

Oh, man. I sure did!


The hit itself, no. Whatever that shit was afterwards, yes. 2 games was enough, 1 game would have been fine. 0 games I wouldn't have been surprised.

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46 minutes ago, Fire Hakstol said:


Fire Hakstol, hire Q.


Not going to happen though.


Honestly hockey is just such a weird spot that it's odd that Q, a fantastic coach, should of been fired by Chicago. It's considered a good move because the style of that team didn't really gel with his approach to the game, his ideal players etc. It led to stunted growth to the identity of where they were headed. Yet oddly enough, I'm sure everyone would agree that Philly hiring Q would be great. Coaches honestly almost just change as team identities do throughout the ebbs and flows in the NHL sometimes. But most of the elite coaches are always playing somewhere. It's super weird.


Also I wouldn't say it's impossible that Philly actually is bold enough to make that play. It'd be huge for you guys imo. 

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