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How to Update with VHL Portal

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Guide: Updating your player with VHL Portal

The VHL Portal is used to update and maintain your player, from claiming TPE to updating your player's attributes. 


Step 1: Link Player

The first step is to link your player with your VHL Forum account. To do so, you must first login to the VHL Portal using your forum account. Once logged in, if you don't have a player linked you will see an alert prompting you to either link an existing player or create a new player. If you are a new member, you obviously want to follow the link to create a new player. 


To ensure users can only access their own players, all player links will be approved by updaters before you can begin updating. If you are creating a new player, your account will automatically be linked to your new player and submitted for updater approval. Pending player links are checked daily, but don't hesitate to message an updater or a commissioner and ask that they approve your player immediately. 


This step is only required once per career. 


Step 2: Access Player Management Area

The main hub of the updating system is the Player Management area, which can be accessed at anytime in the main navigation bar on the VHL Portal. Remember, the link between your account and your player must be approved before you'll be able to manage your player -- if it isn't, you will see an appropriate message informing you of such when you try to access this area. 


Step 3: Submit Updates

Once you have full access to the Player Management area, you will be able to start updating your player. On the right-side of the page you will see the Player Menu, which has various options for claiming different types of TPE. The top 4 buttons give you a way to quickly and easily submit updates to claim TPE for various tasks without ever having to leave the Player Management page. The 'Claim Bulk TPE' option will take you to a page that allows you submit many updates and many different types of updates in one go. In either case, simply fill out the form(s) and submit.


When submitting updates, there is optional 'Comment' field. Only use this if you need to provide the updater with additional information, such as a link to a doubles week or a donation. 


You should try to update frequently using the top 4 buttons so that you can apply your TPE to your player as quickly as possible after earning that TPE. You can also edit your submitted updates before they're approved by going to the 'Pending Updates' tab in player management. 


Step 4: Wait for updates to be approved

All submitted updates must be approved by updaters before the TPE you claim will be added to your player. The updaters will verify the links you submit, the TPE amounts you claim, and check to ensure that your updates follow all rules such as the weekly limit of 12 Capped TPE. In should be noted that some validation occurs before your update is even submitted - for example, the system will not allow the same player to claim the same link twice. 


Step 5: Apply TPE

When an updater approves your updates, the TPE you claim will instantly be added to your players Banked TPE balance. You can then use the left-side of the Player Management page to apply it to your attributes. This tool will show you how much Banked TPE you have to spend and the cost of upgrading each attribute and which attributes you can afford to upgrade. The Update Scale is enforced automatically, you simply have to press the +/- buttons to increment or decrement your attributes. The tool will also show you which attributes you've edited up up until you save them.


Once your satisfied with your attributes, click "Save Ratings" to save them. Remember that ALL of your TPE is added to your Banked TPE balance when your updates are approved - so if you're trying to Bank TPE to save for depreciation or something, you simply don't apply your TPE to any attributes. Because the tool automatically enforces the update scale and prevents you from spending more than your Banked TPE, no approval is required for updating your attributes - once you hit save, your attributes will be immediately updated. 


(Note: You can only decrement your attributes to the point they were when you started editing your attributes - in other words, once you hit 'Save Ratings' your attributes are locked in and you will only be able to add to them in the future). 



That's all there is to it. It may seem like a lot of text, but the system is really quite simple and self-explanatory. Once you go through it a couple of times, you will have no trouble. And of course if you have any questions, feel free to reach out an updater, commissioner, or anyone else to get some extra guidance. 


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