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How to Create a Player

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Guide: How to Create A Player

Creating a new player is simple and is done by completing a short form on the VHL Portal. 


Step 1: Register/Login

The first step is to ensure your registered on the VHL Forum and logged in on the VHL Portal using your forum account.

Step 2: Create Player

Once logged in, go here to access the player creation tool or go to 'TOOLS >> CREATE' in the Portal's main navigation bar. 


Here you will see a small form to fill out. If this is your first player, leave 'New Player' checked. If you are re-create, select 'Re-Create' and input any applicable carryover from your previous player.  Fill out the form and submit. Recruiter is optional, but if someone recruited you try to include them so that they get some points for their efforts. 


When choosing a birthplace, keep in mind that this will determine which team you will player for in our bi-seasonal World Cup of Hockey tournament:

Team Canada

Team USA

Team Scandinavia (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland)

Team Western Europe (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Germany)

Team World (All other countries) 

Team Mercenaries (Any players not selected for the above five teams, this team is picked last)


When you submit the form, a couple of things will happen:

1. Your player will be created on the Portal, along with your appropriate starting TPE and a player page.

2. A post will be created on the forum with your new player's details to be entered into the sim. 


Step 3: Apply Starting TPE/Carryover

Once your player is created, the new player is automatically linked to your account and submitted for updater approval. Once your new player is approved, you will be able to apply your 30 starting TPE or carryover. Information on how to apply that TPE and claim more TPE can be found here.



At this stage your new player is created and you're ready to start updating and growing your player. Please refer to this guide for instructions on updating and maintaining your new player.

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