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Claimed:This Draft Ain't Big Enough for Olnyick


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This Draft Ain't Big Enough for Olynick


Season 36 of the VHL is slowly coming to an unwinding finish, with more interesting races to the end than previous seasons. For teams on the outside looking in, they've already begun their planning for building next season's team. This past trade deadline saw someone good and bad moves for each team participating in any transactions. Some draft picks were moved, but not many in any spots where any player of any caliber could be picked up. From now until the off season/draft lottery, all picks lay dormant. For some prospects, they already have an idea of where they could end up. For the top first generation prospect, he has no idea where he could go.


For Blaine Olynick, the day he declared his eligibility for the S37 VHL Entry Draft was just a long daydream away. But now the daydream becomes reality a lot sooner than before. Nearly an entire season in the VHLM with the Bern Royals, Olynick has made his temporary nest in Bern, Switzerland. The city is majestic and the fans of the team have been nothing short but supportive for the team's successful year with the playoffs coming up. As hard as it has been for Blaine to not have the draft on his mind, he'll have to keep his focus on the playoffs and making a winning team in Bern win their second Founder's Cup.


With the VHL teams he's spoken to, many of the conversations have lead him to a dead end each step of the way. A source close to Olynick claims that his #1 destination of the Toronto Legion has no interest in drafting a goaltender this draft, despite having an aging Remy LeBeau tending the net in Toronto for only two more seasons. The source also claims the only realistic team for Olynick to land in would be Cologne, barring any trades before the draft. He and Cologne have been in talks about how Blaine would fit in Cologne with starting goaltender Evgeni Chekov still having a few years left in him. If Olynick falls past the 4th pick, he very well may end up going to a team that would use him for trade bait in the future.


"It's strange, usually in any professional hockey league, a goaltender like me would be highly sought after. Unfortunately, I guess I came on the scene a bit early. Many of these teams already have a goalie that they could depend on, and that's okay. Their job is to keep their team competitive every year. My job is to work harder to take their spot so I can earn the reigns of being a VHL starter," said Olynick.


The future for this young goaltender has just been made a bit more foggy, but I guess that would make the adventure to that special day a bit more exciting.

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Content: 3/3 - My guess would be that Toronto would want to grab you later on (which I don't see as being likely due to your stock) or they want Salo instead since they would get an extra season without him being on their roster and against their cap. Either way, you're not going out of the first round, so there's that.
Grammar: 2/2 - Flawless, well done!
Appearance: 1/1 - Yep.
Overall: 6/6 - Do you feel lucky?
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