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Claimed:New Faces in Ottawa and the Playoffs


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This season, Ottawa is making a desperate push to make the playoffs. Being only 1 point out of the final playoffs spot, Ottawa is trying everything they can do to make it.


"Making the playoffs in my first season would be great," said team captain Konstantin Azhishchenkov. "All of us are working really hard to produce wins to get the needed points."


Even though the players are working hard, sometimes a lack of personnel can inhibit a team from winning games. To hopefully increase Ottawa's chances of making the playoffs, GM Gow put in two late claims for rookies. Rightwing Noah Jackson and defensemen Dimonthenis Vlasis are joining the Ottawa locker room right before the season end.


"Jackson and Vlasis were very late additions," said GM Gow in a press conference. "However, I think both will have a substantial impact on our playoff chances and our ability to win games in the playoffs."



Jackson fighting to get to the net


Mr. Jackson is set to play on the first line as the rightwing. Jackson's line mates will be Konstantin Azhishchenkov, who is centering the first line, and Travis Boychuk who is the leftwing on the first line.


"I am glad to have a new teammate and line-mate," said Azhishchenkov in a interview after practice. "I do not know how Boychuk feels, but I can not wait to see what Jackson brings to our line."


Mr. Vlasis is set to play on the first defense pair with defenseman Jack Ryan. Ryan was simple and too the point about the new addition: "Welcome aboard, d-partner."


So far, Noah Jackson has just over a point-per-game average with 3 goals and 6 points in 5 games. Unfortunately, Jackson is a -1 like most of his teammates who are deep in the negatives. Dimonthenis Vlasis is also sports 6 points in 5 games, but he has no goals so far, and has a -1. In those 5 games, Ottawa only produced 1 win, but they lost a game in overtime for an overall gain of 3 pts.


Experts have predicted that of the last 5 games, Ottawa will only be able to win two of them and will probably lose in overtime, but that should suffice as they would gain 5 pts which is thought to be enough to put them into the playoffs. The last 5 games are against the Gladiators, Outlaws (2 times), Royals, and Storm in that order. Ottawa is projected to lose to the Gladiators, beat the Outlaws twice, lose to the Royals, and then lose to the Storm in overtime.


“I heard what the VHLM analysis are predicting for Ottawa,” said Azhishchenkov. “However, Ottawa is going to go out each game and do our best two win each and every one of those games.”


For fans and players, there is a lot of hype surrounding the last playoff spot, and should be very exciting no matter what the outcome turns out to be. 



Jackson, Azhishchenkov, and Vlasis celebrating a goal




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Content: 3/3 - Best of luck in your playoff push! We're all just competing to get slaughtered by Bratislava anyway.
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rightwing/leftwing = right wing/left wing
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