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Potential Rookie of the Year?




Ladies and gentlemen, I am back with another one of your favorite interviews. This week I am interviewing the ever so interesting VHLM sensation that is Blaine Olynick. He is the starting goalie for the Bern Royals and he is a great talent. I have been blessed to see him play first hand and witness his talent. This kid is going to be something special in the VHLM and he knows it. Right now he hasn't been drafted to a team but I know he is excited as ever to be drafted and can't wait for the opportunity to show off his skills. Keep an eye on him during the remainder of his VHLM season as he will be very exciting to watch.


1. With such high expectations of goalies coming out of the VHLM, do you feel pressure to be good early on or do you feel you are more laid back and will let the game come to you?


1. I did feel some of that pressure early on in the season, but as my team's play progressed, as did my confidence. Once I get drafted, I'm sure my team will already have assessed me thoroughly enough to know if I'm VHL ready. I still don't know if I'm ready to be a VHL starter yet, but I'm definitely working on it.


2. With being the best goalie coming out of this draft, if you could play for any team and start on that team, which team would you want to go to? Why would you choose that team?


2. My ideal location is to play in Toronto. I grew up there all my life, my family are Legion fans, I grew up watching the Legion and I model my style after Remy LeBeau after watching him throughout the years. I don't even have to start, I'll gladly play backup to the best goaltender in the league, learning things from him to follow in his footsteps.




3. What do you believe are your strengths and weaknesses to your game? What is the one thing that you must work on to become better?


3. Currently I feel like my biggest strength is my glove hand. My main focus of this season with the Royals' goalie coach was working on my reflexes. I'll admit I do flash the glove hand sometimes in order to trick shooters to go glove side and I'll deny them. My biggest flaw right now would have to be my speed and my ability to control those nasty rebounds. At 6'3" sometimes speed is not on my side, and I have a tendency to let the puck travel farther from me than I should after a shot, which leads to a rebound for the opponents.


4. Is being a lottery pick really important to you or would you just be happy with being drafted to a team? I know everyone is excited to be drafted but is there any place you wouldn't want to play?


4. All I know is that come draft day, I'll have enough credentials under my belt to be taken by a team that truly wants me. I've had doubts recently that I'm slated to be taken by a trade only to use me as trade bait in a future deal, but as long as the team I play my first game for wants me to stick around for the long haul, I'll be okay with wherever I end up.


5. Last but not most certainly not least, what are your season goals this year? Also what do you want to accomplish for your career?


5. My goals for this season is to take the Bern Royals to the finals and win the Founder's Cup. It's been 16 seasons since they've had a title awarded to the city and I want to be a part of Bern's second championship team. Down the road I'd like to represent Team Canada in the World Cup and bring a Continental Cup to the city I belong to. Lastly, I want to be known as the best goaltender to step foot in a VHL rink.


We would love to thank Blaine Olynick for his time and granting us this interview. It was such a blessing to have talked to him and what his future plans and endeavors are when he gets into the VHL. We know this kid has all the talent but from his answers, he also boasts the attitude that you would want in your locker room. We wish him nothing but the best of luck with the rest of his VHLM career and to whichever team he gets drafted to. This kid is going to be something special so if you get the chance to watch him, DO NOT miss out on the chance to see him play. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed with what he will show you. Keep an eye out next week as I will be continuing the saga of interviews from many different players and hopefully you guys will enjoy what they have to say. I may bring in someone already in the VHL or someone in the VHLM and you too can get to know them the way that I have. Until next time, this is Rusty McDonald signing off.

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