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Who Will Take The Final Spot In The North American Conference?

The world may never know.





Raise your hand if you thought that the North American Conference's third and final playoff spot would be up for grabs at this point in the season. At the beginning of the S36 campaign, it looked like everyone had a picture of how the NA would end up at the end of the season. The Quebec Meute were obviously going to take a playoff spot, they were the Continental Cup champions in S35. The Toronto Legion were in the same boat as the Legion, with Remy Lebeau leading an up and coming roster. The Calgary Wranglers had a whole three players on their active roster due to their ongoing rebuild. So, what we had left were the Seattle Bears and the New York Americans. Now, Seattle was looking to come out of a long rebuild and solidify themselves as a contender for the VHL playoffs, the first time in a long time. Meanwhile, the Americans were in the second year of their own rebulid, icing 3 rookies along side a group of inactive VHL journeymen. Most people were sure that Seattle would take the last spot in the playoffs and that New York would have to wait for their time to shine. But the only definite things in life are death and taxes. As of today, the Seattle Bears find themselves only up by one point on the New York Americans with 3 games remaining in S36. Exciting enough for you guys?


I know that anything can happen, but come on now, the Bears were practically given the final spot in the playoffs this season. After a long rebuild they finally found themselves with a promising young team. Seattle had one of the best defenses in the league, headlined by veterans James Lefevre and Karsten Olsen. The offense that had struggled for so long finally had some hope with players like Sebastian Ball Jr., Zack Sound, and Mikey Blade leading the attack. Steven Smyl was looking to place himself amongst the likes of Lebeau, Tukio, and Chekhov as one of the best goalies in the league. If they could have just played up to their potential they had on paper, the playoffs would have been a lock. But, where is the fun in that? Now don't get me wrong, I'm not taking anything away from New York. Rookies Connor Low, Xin Xie Xiao, and Brick Wahl have been playing out of their minds this season. Simon Tremblay, the outcast from the rebuilding Calgary Wranglers, has seemed right at home in New York and is having a very solid season for the Americans. They are a very young team that has learned quickly what it takes to make a run for the playoffs. They are most likely going to become a powerhouse in the VHL if everything goes right for New York. Hell, they have three solid first round picks coming up in the S37 drafts, one of the most promising drafts in recent memory. But, no one really gave the young group a chance at the beginning of the season. But, alongside the Bears inability to put teams away this season, the Americans find themselves in the hunt for the Continental Cup through sheer will power.


The season isn't over for either team as their playoff lives are on the line. With three games left in the season, both teams will have to give it their all if they want to make it to the post season in S36. This is what we all have been waiting for, the final stretch of the road. Playoffs are just around the corner and we will just have to wait and see which of these two teams will come out on top and claim their ticket to the playoffs. Get your popcorn ready VHL, because I know I got mine.


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Content: 3/3 - We all know now that the Bears took that last NA Conference spot. It was the American's spot to lose, and with those 4 losses coming at the tail end of the season, all the Bears had to do were just sit back and watch. The Bears are going into these playoffs with the least amount of points gained in the regular season. It'll be one hell of a story if they somehow make it to the next round.


Grammar: 2/2 -  :words: 


same boat as the Legion - same boat as the Meute


rebulid - rebuild


Appearance: 1/1 - Team colors used for its respective section, nice little touch there.


Overall: 6/6


Final: 6/6

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