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Yu Kon Do It


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Yukon has amassed a lot of pieces to gear up for their playoff run. Current members of Yukon's core squad include Kyrie Knight, Marcus Bjorkstrand, Dexter Morgan, and Bennett Wahl (once he actually updates). They are surrounded by some good surrounding pieces who are inactive such as Chop Cho, Frederick Ernst, Gabrial Johnson, Queen Latifia (maybe he will be active, who knows?), and Zach Fucale. Yukon also recently signed assistant GM D3vilsfire, in hopes of converting him to a Flyers fan. This is when I must type my obligatory Victor is an old man sentence. Also I know Squinty usually reads these for some reason so hi Squinty! I'm gonna win with your old team! Yeah, I'm hoping Yukon has a good long playoff run as I feel we have some actives who deserve a Cup, though Bratislava are really heavy favorites cause dat team be stacked doe. I think I'm over 150 words so bye everyone.

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