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Fuck yes Season 36


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There have been close finishes at the top of the league in the past. There have been some races for the last playoff spot, though not that many. Nothing in my VHL lifetime has quite matched the end of Season 36.

At the top of the league, if Davos wins a game in hand, one point will separate three teams, the current favourites for the cup. Pre-season favourites Quebec may yet take the regular season crown since they have the easiest remaining schedule, playing Seattle, Riga, and Calgary. The Legion aren't too far off with a double-header against New York and a key game against Davos sandwiched in between. The odds are against the Dynamo with games against Cologne, Helsinki, and Toronto, but they have clinched a round two bye. I predict Quebec come out just on top in the race with Toronto.

Who will the Legion face in round one? Still best to bet on the Bears even though they should have made it much earlier in the season. They are one point up on New York with a better head-to-head meaning the Americans need to get more than one point from games with Toronto (twice) and Helsinki.

As for Helsinki, they too should face the team everyone expected to make the playoffs before S36 then changed their mind, then sold, and and will make them again. Cologne need just one win to clinch it and that is likely to come against Riga but they could upset Davos and if they beat Vasteras, that effectively ends Vasty's run. The Iron Eagles need to win all three games (Calgary, Cologne, Seattle) which isn't unlikely but it is unlikely that Cologne lose all of theirs.

Fuck yes Season 36.

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