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LW - Jarvis Baldwin
Birthplace: Baltimore, USA
Height: 6'3
Weight: 220 lbs
Jersey Number: 88
Drafted: S26 SEA (1/1)
Username: CoachReilly

Jarvis Baldwin was neither a pioneer of black VHLers nor scoring forwards or two-way forwards, one of which he became halfway through his career. Nonetheless, he was a continuation of each type of player and another example of on-ice VHL success as a result of hard work and dedication. Drafted first overall in a weak Season 26 VHL Entry Draft, Baldwin remained the highlight of his draft class and deservedly so, helping complete the famous “Seattle Six” and start one of the greatest dynasties. Most of the winger's career was marked by a frustrating lack of individual awards but his consistency near the top of the VHL scoring charts (seven straight seasons of 40+ goals and 90+ points) was always likely to see a Hall of Fame induction, before a tremendous final season ensured it would be a first ballot one.

Career Awards:
S27 Victory Cup (with Seattle)
S27 North American Conference All-Star
S28 Continental Cup (with Seattle)
S28 Victory Cup (with Seattle)
S28 Devon Marlow-Marta Trophy (with Seattle)
S28 North American Conference All-Star
S29 North American Conference All-Star
S30 Devon Marlow-Marta Trophy (with Seattle)
S30 North American Conference All-Star
S31 European Conference All-Star
S32 European Conference All-Star
S33 Scotty Campbell Trophy
S33 Brett Slobodzian Trophy
S33 Mike Szatkowski Trophy
S33 Kevin Brooks Trophy
S33 North American Conference All-Star
Season 26 Statistics:
Regular Season:
S26 (SEA) - 72GP / 31G / 48A / 79P / +49 / 34PIM / 119H / 301SH / 3GWG
S26 (SEA) - 6GP / 2G / 3A / 5P / -3 / 0PIM / 0H / 25SH / 0GWG
Baldwin predictably jumped straight to VHL following the draft and he was not the only rookie on the Bears roster. Alongside defenceman and second overall pick Radislav Mjers and young goalie CAL G, acquired through trade, the trio made up half of the aforementioned “Seattle Six” and helped end a four-season playoff drought by propelling the team back into cup contention. Baldwin didn't have a great rookie season, nor did he have a bad one, both in relation to Season 26 and historically, but he played a part in securing Seattle's playoff position. He wasn't overawed by the prospect of the post-season either, putting up respectable numbers against the team's rivals from New York, but it was all a bit too early for the Bears as they went out in six games to a much more experienced squad.

Season 27 Statistics:
Regular Season:
S27 (SEA) - 72GP / 46G / 73A / 119P / +87 / 22PIM / 87H / 400SH / 11GWG
S27 (SEA) - 7GP / 1G / 6A / 7P / +4 / 0PIM / 13H / 36SH / 0GWG
After a fairly average first season, fans and critics alike didn't know what to expect from the hyped youngster but Baldwin answered all questions in a big way. Having adapted to the big league surroundings, the winger took off on his seven-season streak of being a great forward, by eclipsing 40 goals and 100 points, while already becoming Seattle's top scorer in goals and points. The Bears improved further as well, buoyed by this leap from a second-year forward and won a fairly dominant Victory Cup, noted both for high scoring and CAL G's record-breaking 19 shutouts. Baldwin was a step behind offensively his colleagues in Vasteras and Helsinki but while the former didn't make the playoffs, the latter was awaiting Seattle in the playoffs. Having gone 7-1 against their faltering New York rivals, Seattle was now the cup favourite, but they went down 3-1 in the series early on, before battling on and forcing an ultimately disappointing Game 7 loss. It was no fault of any Bear in particular, let alone Baldwin who coped well with being a leader at a young age, but it seemed the Americans wanted the win more as they still searched to end a long cup drought. They didn't succeed, giving up another lead in the finals and falling to the Titans.

Season 28 Statistics:
Regular Season:
S28 (SEA) - 72GP / 44G / 64A / 108P / +51 / 8PIM / 55H / 469SH / 6GWG
S28 (SEA) - 13GP / 1G / 7A / 8P / -2 / 2PIM / 0H / 78SH / 0GWG
The Americans were back, reinvigorated by offensive re-enforcements, but the Bears were up for the challenge. Baldwin didn't need to lead the team for a second straight season, this time it was Nikolai Lebedev's turn for a break-out season, helped by big name free agent signing Leeroy Jenkins. It was a luxury for Seattle to have so many talented players and move on despite a slightly underwhelming season from Baldwin. It was also a luxury for Baldwin to consider such a successful season one below his expectations. Ultimately, this elite talent was sufficient for a second straight Victory Cup, the “Seattle Six”'s first series win and at last a championship, defeating the hated Americans in six games. Baldwin wasn't at his best in the regular season or the playoffs but provided another issue for opponents and claimed a rightful Continental Cup ring in his third season.

Season 29 Statistics:
Regular Season:
S29 (SEA) - 72GP / 44G / 48A / 92P / +35 / 30PIM / 102H / 356SH / 13GWG
S29 (SEA) - 7GP / 2G / 4A / 6P / -2 / 9PIM / 23H / 30SH / 0GWG
Following a season which did not provide the individual triumphs some expected, Baldwin started to evolve his playing style. A more physical style was added which suited the big man, even more so than his all-out scoring game of previous season. He didn't let his scoring slip though, and a season below the 100-point mark was no fault of Baldwin's but rather that of the low-scoring season as a whole. After all, 92 points brought Baldwin back to the top of Seattle's scoring charts. After an exhilarating S28 final, Seattle and New York were expected to meet again but they were both upended by an unexpectedly strong Toronto Legion team in the regular season and eventually the playoffs. The Bears, however, never had a chance to face the Legion in the post-season, succumbing to a HC Davos Dynamo team written off by many due to internal turmoil. Critics started to appear after witnessing just one truly great season out of four in contention and while Baldwin's regular season performances left few doubters, he was expected to perform better in the playoffs.

Season 30 Statistics:
Regular Season:
S30 (SEA) - 72GP / 52G / 47A / 99P / +54 / 121PIM / 284H / 444SH / 10GWG
S30 (SEA) - 12GP / 6G / 8A / 14P / -1 / 19PIM / 69H / 82SH / 1GWG
Baldwin raised his game to meet the challenge in Season 30 with an ageing Bears team hit hard by the salary cap. League-wide scoring statistics remained under par compared to past seasons, but Baldwin stayed near the top and at last broke the 50-goal mark. The “Seattle Six” almost collapsed when captain Mitch Higgins left to GM the Helsinki Titans, but a mid-season trade brought him back for what looked to be Seattle's last cup run. Baldwin led a still cohesive unit almost to a third Victory Cup but the greatest challenge lay ahead. Baldwin did not let anyone down, keeping a higher than point-per-game pace through the playoffs and helping despatch the Americans, stuck somewhere between rebuild and contention, in five quick games. However, a younger team met the Bears in the finals, with the Calgary Wranglers taking a 3-1 lead early on. Seattle battled back, as was the norm with this generation before being shut out in Game 7. A disappointing end but there was no one to blame.

Season 31 Statistics:
Regular Season:
S31 (SEA) - 49GP / 38G / 44A / 82P / +19 / 65PIM / 213H / 398SH / 6GWG
S31 (VAS) - 21GP / 22G / 14A / 36P / +5 / 29PIM / 78H / 181SH / 2GWG
S31 (TOT) - 70GP / 60G / 58A / 118P / +240 / 94PIM / 291H / 579SH / 8GWG
Retirements and the expansion draft finished off the “Seattle Six” and amidst a starting rebuild, Baldwin stayed loyal to his only team to date. While it pained some Seattle fans that the Americans remained strong despite the end of the Bears' dynasty, they took solace in having one cup to New York's none, and still some talent to watch on the ice. Led by CAL G, Felix Peters and Baldwin, the Bears were the default choice for the final North American playoff spot, which they would eventually claim. Despite Baldwin's desire to make the playoffs every season of his career though, this would be achieved without any of the remaining stars, as their strong performances on a struggling team caught the eye of many suitors. Baldwin ultimately was shipped off with CAL G to Vasteras, a much-maligned trade which cost the Iron Eagles draft picks eventually used on Anatoli Zhumbayev and Willie Weber. Baldwin, despite worse stats on Vasteras, delivered his best performance since his sophomore season, and made the struggling team a much more respectable opponent. Nonetheless, he joined far too late to save the Iron Eagles' season, as they finished rock bottom in the European Conference.

Season 32 Statistics:
Regular Season:
S32 (VAS) - 72GP / 52G / 49A / 101P / +38 / 141PIM / 354H / 468SH / 3GWG
S32 (VAS) - 7GP / 3G / 2A / 5P / -1 / 14PIM / 51H / 30SH / 0GWG
The following season, though, was the one which GM Thomas Corcoran built for. His strategy was criticised but his team performed well enough to start frightening the conference favourites; Helsinki and Riga. The team's undoing would be a lack of a supporting cast for Baldwin and CAL G, who carried the team to the playoffs on their backs. Baldwin was by far the offensive leader for Vasteras but that meant little in the scoring race where superior teams (and some not so much) provided a better environment for their players, with Baldwin's 101 points finished a far way from the top ten scorers. Nonetheless, Baldwin's leadership and pedigree meant Vasteras remained a threat throughout the season and they ultimately pushed the favoured Titans to a decisive Game 7. Helsinki prevailed, uncovering all the issues with the Iron Eagles' approach, but as with so many similar occasions in Seattle, Baldwin was not to blame.

Season 33 Statistics:
Regular Season:
S33 (CGY) - 72GP / 68G / 70A / 138P / +70 / 64PIM / 154H / 508SH / 11GWG
S33 (CGY) - 13GP / 8G / 12A / 20P / +5 / 40PIM / 20H / 78SH / 1GWG
The failure and multiple retirements cause Vasteras to enter a rebuild having hardly built up a good team and Baldwin was sent for his swan song to Calgary. The Wranglers had several seasons of strong offensive performances and were built much more similarly to the vintage Bears, even having the same struggles to win a second championship. The addition of Baldwin was hugely important in keeping up their morale following two straight exits at the hands of (still) the New York Americans and Baldwin's provided even more. His final season would prove to be the best of his career, leading the league in goals and points and claiming both the coveted Scotty Campbell and Brett Slobodzian Trophy as the VHL's most valuable and outstanding player. On the back of at last recognised individual success, Baldwin also went on to his great post-season performance, leading Calgary past a pesky young Toronto team and providing a great challenge to the defending champions from New York. At last, it was Baldwin's team which had the 3-1 lead in a playoff series and even when the Americans tied the series up, it seemed inevitable that he would avenge past disappointments. This was not the case as Calgary lost Game 7 and though this wasn't the end for the Wranglers, it was for Jarvis Baldwin.

Career Totals:

Regular Season:
574GP / 397G / 457A / 854P / +408 / 514PIM / 1446H / 3521SH / 67GWG
65GP / 23G / 42A / 65P / +0 / 84PIM / 176H / 359SH / 2GWG
A frustrating finale with just one Continental Cup to show for consistent playoff success and one excellent season to show for consistent greatness. Jarvis Baldwin's career can be considered unfortunate because he was rarely the best of the best, but simply one of them, and his scoring totals place him in the top ten of all-time even in Season 36 but he could have done even more if league-wide scoring didn't go down in his prime. Still, it's hard to to classify a first ballot Hall of Fame career as truly an unlucky one as Baldwin was rightfully inducted a season after his retirement for showcasing great consistency and performing regardless of his surroundings.
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Content 3/3: Very in depth.

Grammar 2/2: Very minor. You had double "to" in a sentence and a few others. Not many at all.

Appearance 1/1: Was not sure since there were no pictures, however Flyersfan confirmed that this is how it should be.

Overall 6/6Glad Mr. Baldwin made it to the HOF!

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