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Wolfe files complaint with league


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The general manager of the Brampton Blades, Damon Wolfe, has filed a complaint with the VHL and VHLM over identity theft. Wolfe claims that over the past couple of weeks, there has been someone posing as him and having conversations with other people within the league, leaving poor Wolfe very confused when he tries to figure out when he even last spoke to the other party. Wolfe claims that there are multiple people who are involved in this horrific crime and demands that they be brought to justice as soon as it’s clear who the culprit is.


“I am sick of feeling like I have short term memory,” Wolfe stated at a press conference. “I have had conversations with player agents who are reporting that there are people posing as me. The weirdest thing is they are just having conversations with people as if they have a relationship of their own. It’s like they’re friends or something. That’s why I believe the culprit is within the VHL or VHLM, and once I find out who is responsible for leaving me feel awkward, I will make sure to make them pay! I now call for the league members to get down to the bottom of this mystery!”


(Basing this around the fact that essentially everyone can access my chat. Fuck the chat!)

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I still see someones chat occasionally, but not saying who. It's quite entertaining!


Just so you know, they can log into yours too, so they know who it is.. Back when it first started it seemed like everyone had a person they were connected to >_>

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