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Seattle's Playoff Bound!


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With the Seattle Bears’ defeat of the Riga Reign, coupled with the New York Americans’ losses at the hands of the Helsinki Titans and the Toronto Legion, the Pacific Northwest will have playoff hockey once again. The Bears are up three points on New York with just one game remaining for both teams, which means Seattle has officially clinched the North American conference’s final playoff bid.


“I… I don’t know what to do with my hands,” a bewildered Karsten Olsen told reporters following the Riga game. “Is this what heaven feels like?”


To many of the long-time Bears veterans, it may just be. Zack Sound, James Lefevre, Karsten Olsen, Sebastian Ball Jr., Steven Smyl, and Mikey Blade have all been with the Seattle franchise for at least three seasons. And all of those players have also never made the playoffs. You’d have to go back to S31 to find Seattle’s last playoff berth, a four year drought that tied the longest playoff drought in franchise history.


“It feels good that we accomplished this goal with essentially the same core,” Olsen said. “Sure, guys like Glass and GIYGAS and Stamkos have helped immensely. But for those of us who have suffered through some tough seasons, this is extra sweet.”


Rumors abound that Seattle will present Toronto winger Reggie Dunlop with the key to the city for his game winning goal with 40 seconds left against New York. But that may be far in the future. For now, Seattle is gripped by playoff fever, and it won’t be let up any time soon.

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New York and Seattle both get what they want. Chris was furious when he wanted to basically play his back up the rest of New Yorks games to make sure he didn't make the playoffs. He'll be glad he didn't. 


Great job Seattle. Now the next big task is at hand, trying to play upset to two of the best teams in the league. I think you have a shot to try to make the series go to maybe six or seven against either Toronto or Quebec, but that may be as far as you can get. We'll see though, maybe STHS gives you ultra uber love after the treatment this season. 

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