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Chance Lost



There was a chance, albeit a small one but it was certainly there and the most frustrating thing for Xin Xie Xiao is that he wasn’t able to grab onto it. At least that is what he is telling us. The fight for the last playoff spot between the New York Americans and the Seattle Bears was coming down to the final week of games. Tied at 62 points each and with Seattle holding the tie breaker, the Americans didn’t have good odds to win the race. Compounded with a relatively quiet set of games from rookie Xin Xie Xiao, the Americans effectively were eliminated from the race off the backs of losses to the Toronto Legion and the Helsinki Titans.


In the 1-0 loss to the Toronto Legion, Xin Xie Xiao recorded a mere two shots on net and two hits in the game and was an uncustomary minus one rating. XXX was on the ice for 30:50, tops among forwards on the team. Watching this game was boring to be honest. The Americans seemed like they were running on fumes and even XXX looked fairly sluggish on some plays. Most of us would chalk it up to the team being young and just not having the depth to get them into the playoffs, XXX puts the blame on himself.


“It was quite simple, I had the most time on the ice and I didn’t get anything done. Two shots? Two hits? I can normally get that done in half the time. I just didn’t have a very good game against Toronto and I fully accept that. It is not acceptable when the playoffs are on the line. Losing is never acceptable and when a team is leaning on its leadership group, we have to prove we deserve those titles.” - XXX, New York Americans


The mortal blow was struck when the Americans played against the Titans and wound up on the losing end of a 6-4 loss. Critics suggested that fatigue was playing into XXX that day, as seen by his 28:21 time on ice. He was also held off the score sheet and sported a minus one rating. He did however take seven shots on net and had six hits that game, but still was unable to stem the overwhelming offense from the Titans.




“I had the chances, I had to bury them and I didn’t, both games I think I had the chance to get something done and I didn’t so there isn’t any excuse to missing the playoffs aside from not taking advantage of the chance I was given. It is disheartening but we still have a game to play and we have to finish off the season strong. It is disappointing to miss the playoffs but we’ll get better…I’ll get better and be ready to not have it happen again next season.” - XXX, New York Americans


Players of agent Terence Fong have typically been synonymous with winning, time will tell whether or not the latest player Xin Xie Xiao will be able to join former players under Fong as winners.

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Content: 3/3 - Story of coming just a hair short of getting to where the Americans wanted to be. I didn't expect much out of this New York team, to be honest, mostly because of all the young guys they currently have. But the team has definitely surprised some people. Ride that wave into next season.


Grammar: 2/2 - Didn't find anything, good work!


Appearance: 1/1 - All good.


Overall: 6/6


Final: 6/6

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