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A Title for Davos

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Davos -- When Gabriel McAllister first went to the Dynamo, I thought it would be a one, maybe two year build to be a true contender in the reach of Calgary and New York in particular. But apparently, STHS had a different plan. Following two seven game series, Davos emerged as perhaps an unlikely winner of this year's title, breaking the longest active Cup winless streak for any franchise dating back to S38.


For me, that now makes six total Cup wins, spanning four different franchises: Calgary, Toronto, Seattle and Davos. (Oddly, the longest title drought now belongs to Calgary who hasn't won since S44, when I won my first cup.) While not quite on Green's level, I'm glad I've had success all over the VHL, and I've had the joy to play with a bunch of different people over that time. I think trying to complete the cycle would be a fun goal, especially since I've never played in Helsinki, New York or Quebec at all, and have unfinished business in Riga.


But for now, I'm good seeing if Davos can repeat - or perhaps even threepeat. McAllister is the oldest player on the roster, after all, and by S63 a bunch of players like Bassolino and Charm will be in the heart of their primes. Not to mention, there's precedent for this from one of my players - Wingate joined Toronto as a highly-touted acquisition before his sixth season and ended up sweeping until retirement. Why not McAllister?

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