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Hope you're ready for some tough love :)


You should almost always avoid using two different fonts for the first and last names. In this particular example, I'd scratch the first name and just have 'Raymond'. Also, try to keep the font simple, but use different techniques like clipping masks and making a background for the text to make it interesting.


Next is blending. The background is actually pretty nice, but the render sticks out like a sore thumb. Your render should be the focal point, but it should look like part of the sig. First way to do this is colouring & lighting. This can include Gradient Maps, Levels, Color Balance, Curves, Photo Filter etc Adjustment Layers. Ask here if you have any questions about those. Put these near the top of the sig to have a complete look to the sig.


Along with Adjustment layers is the stock work. You seem to have a handle on things here with the background, but try to put stocks above the render as well, erasing whatever necessary to keep the render visible, but blended in.


Keep up the good work! You're improving very quickly.

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