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Claimed:VHLM Playoffs Round 1 Preview


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With the VHLM season coming to an end, it's time for everyone to get ready and prepared for the most exciting part of the year, Playoffs. While most of the world will be tuning in to watch the VHL playoffs, the VHLM playoffs come with their very own set of unique story lines and should keep fans interested all the way through. In this article I will be looking at each of the first round match-ups and the interesting story lines form each one.


North American Conference

Yukon Rush (2) Vs. Saskatoon Wild




The Yukon Rush finished the season with 39 wins and 83 points, while the Saskatoon wild only finished with 23 wins and 52 points. On paper it seems like the Rush will be able to handle the Wild fairly easily and should have no problem moving onto the Conference finals. Another stat that doesn't bode well for the Wild is the goal differential. While the Yukon Rush had a respectable differential at +32, the Wild were absolutely dreadful finishing with a differential at -98, which was third worst in the entire league. On paper it's looking like it's going to be a short series.


Main Story line


The main story line to pay attention to in this one is if the Rush can maintain focus throughout the entirety of the city. With everyone already assuming that the Rush should have no problem winning this series, some of the players may check out early mentally which could open the door for the Wild to steal the series and advance to the next round.


Player to Watch


Lars Strummer - He was the only player who scored at a point-per-game pace and will be looked at to shoulder most of the offensive load of the team and will be relied on if this series turns into a high scoring shoot-out.



European Conference

Bern Royals (2) Vs. Vasteras Iron Eagle




In the European Conference we have the Bern Royals matching up against the Vasteras Iron Eagles who are battling for the chance to try and upset the league leading Bratislava Watchmen. With 114 points the Royals claimed the second spot in the European conference and the Iron Eagles finished with 97. On paper this seems like it will be the most exciting match-up of the opening round with each team finishing with a goal differential of +140 and +52 respectively.


Main Story line


One of the main things to look for in this series is if the Royals can continue scoring at the pace they have been all season. They have been one of the top scoring teams in the league led by Earl Parker and Matt Reilly and will be looking to continue this throughout the playoffs and hope it can lead them to the opportunity to face the Watchmen.


Player to Watch


TotallyNotA Bear - With Bern wanting to turn this series into a high scoring affair, it's up to the Iron Eagles goaltender to make sure that the games don't get out of hand and make sure that the Iron Eagles have a shot in this series.


Thats just a few things to keep in mind while watching the VHLM playoffs this season.

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Cotnent: 3/3 - Good VHLM playoffs spotlight. I think we definitely have a chance to upset the Watchmen if we make it past Vasteras. It'll be tough though. They've been good all season without slowing down, and we've hit our hurdles. I definitely see Yukon moving on, with their potent offense being spread through the lineup.


Grammar: 2/2 -


story lines - storylines (x2)


form - from


Appearance: 1/1 - All good.


Overall: 6/6


Final: 6/6

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