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Ball Ready To F**K S**t Up


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After a down to the wire, nail biting finish for the final playoff spot in the North American Conference, the Seattle Bears have come out on top. After putting away Vasteras and putting a nail in the coffin known as the New York Americans' S36 season, the Bears celebration was short lived, as the team found out they would face off against the powerhouse Quebec City Meute. "It was like we had a whole 10 minutes to celebrate and pop bottles before it really hit us," said Sebastian Ball Jr. after the win over the Iron Eagles. "We have to play the Meute in the first round. Arguably the best team in the league. I couldn't help but shake my head because we worked so hard to get in and this is how we are rewarded." Ball let out a laugh as reporters waited for him to continue. "But, in all honesty, I'm not that worried. Sure the Meute are a great team, one of the elite in the league. But, this is the VHL, crazy s**t happens all the time. We are a good team who really underachieved all season. We have yet to play at our full potential and that is scary. We know what we are up against and we know not one person has given us a shot at winning this. But don't think we are gonna just sit back and let Quebec waltz into the conference finals. I'm here to f**k s**t up and I know the boys on this roster have the same mindset as me. We aren't here to play games, we are here to get s**t done. Watch out Quebec, we are coming for you." With that, Ball walked off the podium and left the arena. It seems like the Bears can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk? It is sure to be an exciting series in the North American Conference.

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