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Ottawa Lynx Miss the Playoffs


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Close, But Not Good Enough


The Ottawa Lynx had an up and down season, with mostly downs along the way. They stayed within grasp of a playoff spot for most of the season, but they just couldn't make the big push in the final stages. 


The Lynx and the Wild were in a close race in the remaining 20 games, and in the end the Wild were the ones who were victorious to make the playoffs. The team had confidence going into the push, but the Wild prevailed.


The Lynx missed the playoffs by a measly 3 points. Although, for a team with more than double the amount of losses than wins they can't be overly disappointed in the outcome. They just were not good enough. The team lost 12 of the last 13 games to close out the season. At the wrong time, the players just could not get the team to score when it was needed the most. 


We have asked Travis Boychuk of the Lynx on his thoughts:


"It sucks, it really does. We were really hoping to make the post-season this year but we couldn't seem to get a win when we needed it. We wanted to at least close out the season on a positive note, but we lost 7 in a row. To think we only missed the playoffs by 3 points, it's very disappointing. All we needed was a couple wins and we just could not do it. Losing is not something I am used to, and this will definitely be hard to get over."

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