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Can Ethan Osborne Make Another Run At The Continental Cup This Season?


As he sits down in his locker after practice, Ethan Osborne looks around the Helsinki Titans' locker room. Some guys he has known for what seems like forever, some he just met this season. Everyone of them different in their own way, but they all share one thing in common. They all look up to and respect their long time captain. Who can blame them? Osborne is not only one of the most popular players in the VHL, but is arguably the best player in the game right now. He proved it after a monstrous S36 campaign, where the life long Titan showed why he was picked first overall in the S30 VHL Entry Draft. Will this be the season Osborne finally achieves the one thing that has alluded him his whole career, the Scotty Campbell Trophy? More importantly, does Osborne have enough magic left to lead his team to the Continental Cup?



Osborne has lit the lamp more times than any other player in S36


It is no surprise that S36 was a great season for Osborne. A lot of people thought that there would be a serious lack of offense coming into the season. After losing names like Volodymyr Rybak, Michal Wozniak, and Miles Larsson to retirement, it looked as though it would be a down year on goal scoring in the league. Not to mention Rift, Tukio, and Lebeau were still around and better than ever in S35. But, Osborne quickly quieted the critics in S36. Even without his right hand man, Odin Tordahl, by his side, Osborne had a career season for the Titans. He led the VHL in goal scoring (65) and points (135) in S36. He also set a franchise record, as Osborne moved into first overall in points for Helsinki. Osborne quickly became the face of the VHL this season and filled the shoes of the greats that came before the seven year pro.


But, even with all of the individual success Osborne had in S36, the Titans as a team took a step back in the European Conference. With HC Davos coming out of virtually nowhere, the Titans would have to settle for second place in the conference this season. The team was obviously hurt by the lose of both Tordahl and defenseman Ryan Sullivan. The Titans also struggled against the two powerhouses in the North American Conference, the Quebec City Meute and the Toronto Legion. But the playoffs are a whole other story. Superstars like Ethan Osborne and new right hand man Anatoli Zhumbayev can carry a team through the rough days of the playoffs. Especially a team with an elite goaltender like Tuomas Tukio, just look at the Calgary Wranglers of last season. Plus, the Titans have been to the Continental Cup, winning one and losing another in the previous two seasons, so they know how to get there. But can the Titans turn down a disappointing regular season to once again hoist the cup?


Can Osborne lead the Titans to the promise land in S36?


As he stands up to leave, Osborne takes one more look around the locker room. He knows that they are prepared for one more run at the Cup, hell maybe even two more depending on how things play out next season. But, all that mattered was this season, there is no tomorrow, because nothing is guaranteed in life. He heads for the door, smiling as he pushes it aside. He knows in the back of his mind that everything will work out. He still has a few tricks up his sleeve for the playoffs.

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Wranglers of two seasons ago imotbh.


Also, it saddens me that no one ever remembers they lost career Titan Brody Hodgson to retirement last season.


Yea I forgot about Hodgson, that defintely hurt the leagues offensive output this season too

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Content: 3/3 - I personally believe Helsinki has the tools to put up a fight for the Continental Cup. It'll be a grinding series against Cologne and if they make it through, Davos will be a test of what kind of team Helsinki is. With Tukio at the net, I think you guys can go pretty far this year.


Grammar: 2/2 - Little mistakes.


life long - lifelong


alluded - eluded


lose - loss


​Appearance: 1/1 - Pretty colors.


Overall: 6/6


Final: 6/6

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