S62 Group 6 Fantasy Draft

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The list after the randomizer is done, it is a snake draft so it'll be starting with @Beketov 12 hour time limits per pick



F -  Gabriel McAllister
F - Matt Thompson
F - Ben Green
D - Colton Rayne
D - Jake Scheel
G - Tristan Iseult



F -  Keaton Louth
F - Podrick Cast
F - Evan R Lawson
D - Ay Ay Ron
D - Dragon McDragon
G - Shawn Brodeur



F -  Jack Shappard
F - Vyacheslav Smirnov
F - Jeff Gow
D - Mats Johnson
D - Maxim Kovalchuk
G - Johnny Havenk Carrsion



F -  Otto Axelsson
F - David Kiaskov
F - Leph Twinger
D - Robert Malenko
D - Casey Jones
G - Roger Sterling



F -  Jasper Canmore
F - Niko Bogdanovic
F - The Charm
D - Sebastien Ironside
D - Samuel Gate
G - Ismond Kingfisher



F -  Sergei Komarov
F - Edwin preencarnacion 
F - Sergei Kovalev
D - Ko Kane
D - Mathieu Bourbon 
G - Norris Stopko

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48 minutes ago, ColeMrtz21 said:

This is the fun part where pandar waits until the last minute to make his pick

I was gonna pick now, but maybe I will wait...





























jk.  Jack Shepard




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