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Claimed:Former VHL ROY Candidate Is Ressurected


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Many of you may not remember him. He was a former goaltender for Team Canada back in season 2 and nearly won the Rookie of the Year in the same season. His name? Joseph "JoBa" Baker. It's been a very long time since JoBa hung up his skates. He simply did not have the heart for the game like he thought he did. While he built a great rapport with his team mates, a lot of personal issues were the eventual nail in his coffin.


Baker had a long history of substance abuse along with mental health issues. He suffered, and continues to suffer from clinical depression and social anxiety disorders. Eventually, both problems turned severe and it forced Baker out of the game he grew up playing, and loved so much. Just a season and a half into his bright career, Baker retired without so much as a word to his teammates. They were caught completely off guard, and no one had heard from Baker for years. Until today. 34 seasons later, JoBa resurfaced out of the blue when he got a phone call from long-time friend Sergey Brovalenko. It was a short phone call:




"JoBa, it's me, Serg."


"What's up dude? Haven't heard from you in a few weeks!"


"Not much man. I uh...have a favor to ask of you. It's, well, a big one."


"Dude, seriously? Did your car break down again?! That's like the 3rd time in the last month. For a kid who makes millions of dollars, I don't know why you're still driving that piece of shit."


"No, man. It's not the car. I heard about your financial issues man. I wish you would've said something to me."


"You know I'm--"


"JoBa, shut up for a second. It's the VHL. It's time to come home. I don't want to hear a word out of your mouth unless it's the words 'Where do I sign up?'"


"Alright man, I'm in. I've taken enough time out of the game. It killed me I left like that, but you know why I had to do it. Get me a plane ticket to the States, and I'll be over there first thing in the morning. JoBa's back, baby!"




That's all it took to get JoBa out of a 34 season retirement. Playing his entire professional, collegiate and high school career as a goaltender, Baker lost a lot of weight and bulked up. Although he had great success in the VHL between the poles, Baker decided if he was going to resurrect his career, he would start anew. He scored a few empty net goals in high school and college, and he always loved the cheers coming from the crowd. I mean, who really scores goals as goalie? Martin Brodeur scored 3 career goals in the net with the New Jersey Devils of the now extinct National Hockey League, and Baker always loved watching him play because he was also from Quebec. Baker always regretted not being able to score in a VHL game, so this time, Baker would change his position from goaltender to left wing.




We've been following Baker since he made the decision to come out of retirement. We've noticed he is a shoot first, past later time of forward. If Baker has any kind of success like he did in the good old days, then expect him to be a top star to look out for in the upcoming season's draft. While many may not remember him, there are still some that do, and he has a few friends in the league. Don't be surprised if JoBa is a second round pick come the start of season 37. General Managers who decide to look past him are making a grave mistake. Everybody, JoBa is back!

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Content: 3/3 - First of all, welcome back! Second of all, wouldn't this make your player late 40's - 50's? That's an old dude, let's see how well he can hang with these youngsters! Also, the NHL still exists in this universe. :P
Grammar: 2/2 - Not too shabby:
season 2 = Season 2
team mates = teammates
shoot first, past later time of forward = shoot first, pass later type of forward
Appearance: 1/1 - Sehr gut!
Overall: 6/6 - Well done!
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