An all-encompassing playoff spreadsheet

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I think I've outdone myself on this one:


There's a bunch of pivot tables and shit running in the background so I can definitely add some info using the same data if there's any interest. I reckon I'll eventually incorporate this as well:



My work-free time is coming to an end.... I reckon the last time my VHL:useful IRL shit ratio was so bad was in 2011. :vhllogo:❤️ 



Note: If you are looking for playoff career stats, here is the place:

Updated (select players only) to S63 here:



Longest playoff streaks of all time:


:nya: New York: 11 seasons (S24-S34)

:hel: Helsinki: 9 seasons (S53-S61)

:rig: Riga: 7 seasons (S15-S21)

:tor: Toronto: 7 seasons (S19-S25)

:olddav: Davos: 7 seasons (S19-S25)

:sea: Seattle: 6 seasons (S26-S31)

:cal: Calgary: 6 seasons (S30-S35)

:hel: Helsinki: 6 seasons (S31-S36)

:que: Quebec City: 6 seasons (S40-S45)

:nya: New York: 6 seasons (S44-S49)

:col: Cologne: 6 seasons (S48-S53)



Longest finals streaks of all time

4 seasons

:nya: New York (S25-S28)

:olddav: Davos (S36-S39)

:tor: Toronto (S48-S51)

:que: Quebec City (S54-S57)


3 seasons

:oldcgy: Calgary (S1-S3)

:oldcgy: Calgary (S6-S8)

:oldrig: Riga (S8-S10)

:olddav: Davos (S19-S21)

:oldtor: Toronto (S20-S22)

:nya: New York (S31-S33)

:tor: Toronto (S36-S38)

:nya: New York (S39-S41)

:col: Cologne (S42-S44)

:cal: Calgary (S44-S46)

:cal: Calgary (S61-S63)



Longest cup droughts of all time:


:sto: Vasteras/Stockholm: 31 seasons (S27-S57) *franchise defunct

:oldvas:  Vasteras/Madrid: 25 seasons (S2-S25)

:dav: Davos: 22 seasons (S39-S60)

:que: Quebec City: 20 seasons (S36-S55)

:s24nya: New York: 17 seasons (S15-S31)

:cal: Calgary: 17 seasons (S45-S61)

:rig: Riga: 16 seasons (S17-S32)

:col: Cologne: 15 seasons (S43-S57) *franchise defunct

:sea: Seattle: 15 seasons (S44-S58)

:sea: Seattle: 14 seasons (S29-S42)

:oldnya: Hamilton/New York: 13 seasons (S1-S13)

:cal: Calgary: 13 seasons (S31-S43)

:tor: Toronto: 13 seasons (S51-S63)

:nya: New York: 12 seasons and counting (S54-present)

:oldtor:  Toronto: 11 seasons (S10-S20)

:col: Cologne: 11 seasons (S31-S41)

:sea: Seattle: 10 seasons (S18-S27)

:hel: Helsinki: 10 seasons (S35-S44)

:s24tor: Toronto: 10 seasons (S38-S47)

:rig: Riga: 10 seasons (S41-S50)



Longest finals droughts of all time:


:sto: Vasteras/Stockholm: 20 seasons (S27-S46)

:oldvas:  Vasteras/Madrid: 15 seasons (S3-S17)

:rig: Riga: 14 seasons (S18-S31)

:sea: Seattle: 14 seasons (S44-S57)

:cal: Calgary: 14 seasons (S47-S60)

:oldnya: Hamilton/New York: 12 seasons (S1-S12)

:sea: Seattle: 12 seasons (S31-S42)

:tor: Toronto: 12 seasons (S52-S63)

:col: Cologne: 11 seasons (S31-S41)

:que: Quebec City: 11 seasons (S43-S53)

:oldnya: New York: 10 seasons (S15-S24)

:sea: Seattle: 10 seasons (S18-S27)

:dav: Davos: 10 seasons (S40-S49)

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