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Claimed:Season 33 Re-Draft Part I


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Season 33 Re-Draft Part I


This is Part I of my Season 33 Re-Draft. I compiled it from multiple individual re-drafts that people sent me and calculated the average rank for each player out of those lists. So this should be a more or less accurate representation of how the league sees the S33 Draft in retrospective and how they would pick if it would be to be conducted again. So please keep in mind that if you don’t like a pick or think it wouldn’t have made sense for this team at the time: This isn’t my personal opinion but a collection of multiple different opinions, which is why team needs also weren’t considered. And now enjoy and let me know what you think of the new rankings :)!


10. :vas: Evgeny Namestnikov (Average Rank: 10)

If the Season 33 VHL Entry Draft was done again today, Evgeny Namestnikov would be the new 10th Overall selection. Every voter that submitted a list placed him 10th so the Left Winger, originally drafted 14th Overall by the Toronto Legion, moves up four spots to get picked by the Vasteras Iron Eagles – the team that some rumors have connected him to in the past. Namestnikov seems to have gotten over a recent period that saw him being not very active and is posting a PT every week again. He sits at 429 TPE at the moment but could get close to 500 next season, if he keeps up his current activity. To a team like Vasteras he would certainly be a big help.


9. :rig: Keiji Toriyama (9,4)

Keiji Toriyama was part of one of the most discussed trades this season, that saw him traded from the New York Americans to the Vasteras Iron Eagles for what turned out to be a lottery pick. Many experts criticized the trade saying that Toriyama, who went inactive in the past and just returned a few months ago, wasn’t worth such a high pick with Vasteras even adding some pieces. So not surprisingly, Toriyama drops one spot compared to the original draft from 8th to 9th, where he would have been picked up by Riga. One voter had him as low as 12th while another one still saw him going 8th and it looks like Toriyama will keep being an enigma. He was a great player for the Americans before being traded and never found his game with Vasteras last season. It will be interesting to see if he can both keep up his off-ice activity and get back on track as a player.




8. :sea: David Collier (8)

David Collier was originally drafted 10th Overall by the Vasteras Iron Eagles but never suited up for them, as he was traded to the Cologne Express midway through his second junior season. So while the original pick didn’t turn out very well for Vasteras (they didn’t get any good pieces in return), Collier climbs two spots from 10th to 8th because he found his game with Cologne after the trade. Interestingly the 8th Overall selection belongs to the Seattle Bears, a team that Collier had told before the Draft he didn’t want to go to. Obviously the situation now is different than it was four years ago and from what we have heard, Collier doesn’t have any issues with the Bears-franchise anymore and would be open to playing for them.


7. :cal: Thomas Landry (7,6)

One of the more underrated players, Thomas Landry has been a quiet riser since the Draft and after originally being drafted 16th Overall by the New York Americans, our Re-Draft now has him going 7th Overall to the Calgary Wranglers. Landry now is a member of the HC Davos Dynamo and is closing in on 500 TPE and with the way his team has been playing so far this season, he could be winning a cup this year. Landry has surprised some people lately with speculations of what might have happened if he had ended up in Cologne, which was a distinct possibility at one point in his career, but we are sure that Davos is very happy with what they got in Landry.


6. :hel: Willie Weber (6)

Another player that has been relatively quiet but has been a very good soldier for his team so far is Willie Weber. One of the few good Defensemen coming out of the Season 33 Draft, Weber has been a mainstay on the Helsinki Titans blue-line these last few years and if the Titans ever end up winning a cup, which they might have the last chance to do this season, he will be a big reason for it. Weber is a guy who gets the job done without creating too much fuzz and the voters have honored this facet of his game: Every one of them put him 6th, which is also the place he was originally drafted in for the Titans.


[Hoping to get a proofread version up soon!]

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Content: 3/3 - I loved the idea of this, but being that I'm in the draft class, I felt my entry would be biased. Feels good to see me jump up nearly an entire round, can't wait to see how the top five picks work out.
Grammar: 2/2 - Nothing to worry about, you did well for yourself here!
Defensemen = defensemen
Appearance: 1/1 - Yup!
Overall: 6/6 - :vhl:
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